New Releases in the Shop 24-10-2022

New Releases in the Shop 24-10-2022

Torn: 47028 [47 Records, 47028]

47 returns from a year long hiatus with this 12" by Torn and a new design.

Albert van Abbe & Jochen Paap: General Audio [Avian, AVN045]

Speedy J contributes to the latest experimental LP on Avian.

Broken English Club: The Artificial Man [Death & Leisure, DEATH014]

From dark ambient to electro with a slightly gothic touch: Oliver Ho returns to his Death & Leisure imprint.

Yann Dub/Explore Toi: Nation de la Boue [Editions Gravats, GRVTS018]

All tracks previously released but definitely worth it if you don't already have them: Split LP by Yann Dub and Explore Toi.

Kilbourne: Cathedrals [PRSPCT263]

Ever expanding PRSPCT catalogue gets a contribution by Kilbourne.


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