New Releases in the Shop 21-11-2022 - New Terrornoize Industry & mACABre 01-04

New Releases in the Shop 21-11-2022 - Two brand new records on Terrornoize Industry and the whole catalogue of mACABre


The new mACABre label started earlier this year with

Sucre Rose: Entre Dans La Danse [mACABre-01]

as the first release in the series, to be followed by  

Nuisance Radicale: Déconstruction [mACABre-02]

with some more straight hardcore tracks. Number three is 

Keuf Cadavre: Choc Frontal [mACABre-03]

which starts with some drum'n'bass elements before going into double speed hardcore on "All Cops are Targets".

The most recent release is by 

10Jonk-T: Friction Baston [mACABre-04]

who some will remember from his 12" on DTR.


Lawrencium: A Cyber Story [TNI#32]

Lawrencium on TNI presents a 4 tracker of speedcore, while on

Hammer Bros & Smiley Slayers: Collateral Murder EP [TNI#33]

the legendary Japanese hardcore producer resurfaces in an old school mode!



Various Artists: Full Throttle [USN09]

United Speedcore Nation is back with a compilation featuring Earfist, Lawrencium, Noisefucker & Illness, Qualkommando, Damage Machine, and Task.



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