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Label run by Ixindamix, mainly for her own output and that of close allies.

Ixi has been involved in the European Underground scene for over 25 years, from the early days of Acid House and Travellers free festivals in the U.K through to the first free parties and Teknivals all round Europe, leading to a relentless gigging schedule spanning 2 decades, bringing up a family and running a successful record label in the meantime.

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IxIndamix/Doublscotch/Crystal Distortion: Audiotrix 23
IxIndamix/Doublscotch/Crystal Distortion:...
Ixindamix, Doublescotch and Crystal Distortion team up for Audiotrix 23. Audiotrix · Audiotrix 23 - Promomix
€11.00 * €12.00 *
V/A: Peperoncino
V/A: Peperoncino
Audiotrix 14 with contributions by Funny Ox, Paolo Conte and Ixindamix Audiotrix · AUDIOTRIX14-PROMOMIX
€10.00 * €12.00 *
Ixindamix: The Trix5ta E.p.
Ixindamix: The Trix5ta E.p.
2012 release by Ixi on her Audiotrix imprint with 3 tracks. Back in stock!
€10.00 *