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Bambule (Praxis 29) digital release incl. previously unreleased original versions!

UPDATE 28-12-2012: Now available from Bandcamp!   The previously unreleased original versions of Bambule’s “Thirdforce” and “Trip Wired” will be a part of the digital release of Praxis 29 which will be available from our bandcamp site in the next few days. For now you can already listen to the tracks here: Of course the […]

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Scaremonger: Soon We All Will Have Special Names (Praxis 1X)

Praxis 1X Scaremonger Remixes (Lagowski/Ubik, Bourbonese Qualk, DJ NoDoz) 1993 Soon We All Will Have Special Names Remixes (Praxis 1X) by Scaremonger Praxis 1x consists of remixes of the A1 track from the Scaremonger EP (Praxis 1), the A-side was a collaboration of Andrew Lagowski and Dave Ubik. This became a bit of a “club […]

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Scaremonger: Scaremonger EP

Praxis 1 Scaremonger EP 1992 Scaremonger EP (Praxis 1) by Scaremonger Recorded towards the end of 1991, these were mixed down in Basel by Alex Buess and cut at some point in the summer of 1992. There was a white label pre-release of, if my memory serves me, 300 copies. It seems ironic that a […]

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Praxis News for July 2012

The Party at Subversiv and New Releases   First of all a big thanks to everybody who played and to everybody who partied on June 9 at our party at Subversiv! For us it was the best party in a long time and a success both artistically and in so far that about 250 euro […]

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Metatron: Seduction EP (Praxis 8) released digitally via bandcamp

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Redesign of the Praxis Bandcamp site

Those who follow the developments more closely will have noticed some changes in the design, which are slowly spreading over the various platforms and also reached our bandcamp site. New logo, headers and banners courtesy of sansculotte. Now the bandcamp site has been infected… This will include the online shop shortly and also a redesign […]

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The irony: Last night I added the new download shop header and the recent/new Sub/Version releases by Egon Frinz and Grr to our old mp3 shop and tonight I was in the middle of writing a blog post on the page when suddenly the site went offline, and it looks like it’s for good: […]

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Donate, Download, Support – Tomorrow at NoiseAngriff

NoiseAngriff is free to get in – but since we need to generate some modest funds to run it, we figured we offer something in return for your voluntary donation. So anyone giving one euro or more at tomorrows (or todays, depending when you read this) event will receive a download code to get the […]

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Sub/Version 309 – Grr: The Sign Of The Elders OUT NOW

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Sub/Version 308 – Egon Frinz: The 9 Lives OUT NOW

Listen to the full version here or here, BUY the track in full quality here Check out more tracks by Egon Frinz here.

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