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Heist: Dystrophic EP Praxis 11 1000 copies. 1995 brought a very strong batch of releases that tapped into the new industrial hardcore sound and developed it further, and Heist’s Dystrophic EP has a special place in this. The Neuroviolence remix of Corridors and Blista present a brutal, relentless and bleak hardcore sound that still kept […]

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Drumtrax (Praxis 9) by DJ Jackal DJ Jackal: Drumtrax First pressing on random-coloured vinyl with no label: 1994 – 500 copies. Second pressing on black vinyl with label: ca. 1997 – 500 copies. DJ Jackal was a multiple name concept, meaning that different producers could use the name, so it became a collective entity and […]

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Praxis 6 Noface Burnout EP 1994 (player coming soon) DJ Promo edition – 250 copies Regular release – 1000+ 1997 repress (b/w labels) – 250-500 I remember about 1800 were pressed of this, but can’t remember exactly which edition was pressed more. I reckon it was the 1997 repress. All the tracks were written in […]

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Seduction (Praxis 8) by Metatron Recorded in the autumn of 1993 and released in March 1994, this was the second release done under the name Metatron. Originally announced as: “6 tracks based around the same set of sounds & the same speed from hard banging assault to weird experiments in a half tempo groove, to […]

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BREAK THE CIRCLE. Things have come full circle – after just under a decade. Like it’s supposed to be, isn’t it – the second half of a decade dawns and the new style emerges slowly, to gain momentum until the end of the decade, then to be commercialised, but at the same time spawning new […]

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