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Praxis presents Knall!manac @ ZGK Berlin, 28-05-2016

EXPERIMENTAL HARDCORE & RADICAL BREAKS RELEASE PARTY & SOLI FOR DATACIDE 15 AND ALMANAC 2016 • PURE http://musicwithmachines.org/ • KAMPHETAMINE http://music.jasonjsnell.com/ • 2/5 BZ https://soundcloud.com/2-5bz • KARL MARX STADT https://soundcloud.com/karlmarxstadt • LYNX https://www.mixcloud.com/NOISEANGRIFF/lynx-noiseangriff-53-2714/ • AEKRE https://soundcloud.com/aekre • ZOMBIEFLESHEATER https://www.mixcloud.com/Zombieflesheater/ Experimental Hardcore • Breakcore • Industrial • Noise • Techno • More SOUNDSYSTEM BY CYBERRISE Scharni38/ZGK […]

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No!seBegr!ff @ Vetomat Berlin 30-03-2016

Wer A sagt muss auch B sagen: NoᴉseBegrᴉff – Occasional Assaults #1 Strategies of interference, aural interventions, anti-spectacular ruses, musical deprogramming, sonic deconditioning: Towards a definition of noise. No exercise of power, no representation, no social silence produced by the repetitive machine: With noise is born disorder and its opposite – the world. Breakcore – […]

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Event Name – Rauch-Haus Berlin 13-02-2016

Hard to digest Ears to be pierced Stomacks to tremble Eyes to be flashed! brought you by Brain Pussyfication and GhettoGI Saturday 13th of february at Rauchhaus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/572533692903025/ Live sets by: 2/5BZ (audiovizeurpoliticutuppercut) https://soundcloud.com/2-5bz Zombieflesheater (earsmasherkorewithbrokensamples) https://soundcloud.com/zombieflesheater DJ DIE SOON (horrormusiconrice) https://soundcloud.com/djdiesoon N.Y.L.O.N (kutkopipasta) [nolink] RUHE (endüstrideströyer) https://hure.bandcamp.com/ BEEATSZ v2.03 (terrørattack) https://brainpussyfication.bandcamp.com/track/phallocentric-cunts UNPROFESSIONAL (teknocorpus) https://soundcloud.com/unprofessional […]

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Praxis & Datacide in Budapest 22/23-01-2016

THIS FRIDAY @ ShowBarlang Radical Suburban Folkmusic DAVOR!A! Base Force One (Praxis, Datacide, Berlin) Lynx (Praxis, Datacide, Portland Oregon) Telesport Thalium R2D2 Log:n BARLANG Almond Lama Isu Zefyr Kontrast Brnwrx Maks Also tune into Davoria show on https://tilos.hu/ from 3am. Next day we meet Christoph Fringeli, the editor of Datacide Magazine, and founder of Praxis […]

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PRAXIS presents DATACIDE @ SUBVERSIV e.V. Berlin 06-03-2015

BREAKCORE – HARDCORE – EXPERIMENTAL – NOISE Ǥ⁄Я⁄M̴⁄ΛΛᖬ₭ http://grmmsk.tumblr.com/ https://totstellen-grmmsk.bandcamp.com/ SAXENHAMMER ( ( this set will be different from the NoiseAngriff-set on wednesday the 4.3.) https://www.mixcloud.com/SXHammer/ ARI NEV & AEKRE https://soundcloud.com/cellinfadel https://soundcloud.com/arinev VOJEET https://soundcloud.com/vojeet H-KON https://soundcloud.com/h-kon ELECTRIC KETTLE https://soundcloud.com/electrickettle LYNX https://www.mixcloud.com/NOISEANGRIFF/lynx-noiseangriff-53-2714/ ZOMBIEFLESHEATER https://www.mixcloud.com/Zombieflesheater/ NO RACISM – NO SEXISM – NO NATIONALISM http://datacide.c8.com/ http://praxis-records.net/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Praxis-Records/206908779365486 https://www.facebook.com/pagesDatacide

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Video from the Praxis Night in Wrocław 08.11.2014

Check out this short video of some moments of the Praxis night in Wrocław last saturday 08.11.2014, feat. Bombhead, Lynx, H-Kon, Metatron, Sansculotte

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C_P_P prezentuje // C_P_P presents (eng below) HARDCORE ACTION mit PRAXIS // 8.11.2k14@CRK/WRO/PL Kolejna odsłona naszego party, w nowym sezonie imprezowym. Tym razem zagrają dla Was producenci z legendarnej wytwórni Praxis z Berlina. Ufundowana w 92 roku, konsekwentnie promuje eksperymentalną i brudną elektronikę, jaką kochamy. Do zobaczenia na CRK. Na razie info po angielsku, pod […]

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Praxis presents Datacide fundraiser @Köpi 30-08-2014!

  HARDCORE BREAKCORE EXPERIMENTAL ACID LA PESTE http://www.hangars-liquides.com/ GUNTER SAXENHAMMER http://www.mixcloud.com/SXHammer/ SYD http://www.mixcloud.com/BruitsdeFond/ COEXSYSTEMS https://soundcloud.com/coexsystems LYNX http://www.mixcloud.com/NOISEANGRIFF/lynx-noiseangriff-53-2714/ ELECTRIC KETTLE https://soundcloud.com/electrickettle ZFE http://www.mixcloud.com/Zombieflesheater/ http://praxis-records.net/ http://datacide.c8.com/ NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO NATIONALISM

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NoiseAngriff completes the first half on 2014 with an excellent line-up for a last blow-out before the summer break! LETZTER NOISEANGRIFF VOR DER SOMMERPAUSE 2/5 BZ + Zeynep Sarıkartal http://2-5bz.tumblr.com/post/86853036748/2-5bz-aka-serhat-koksal-istanbul-gezilla-vs https://soundcloud.com/2-5bz SETH soundcloud.com/dragns LYNX + ZFE fgnugn CHRISTOPH FRINGELI Noise, Experimental, Hardcore, Breakcore,Drone etc. starting 9pm!!! NoiseAngriff is a night taking place every first and […]

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