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SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 2015 Darkmatter Soundsystem’s 14 Year Anniversary Extreme Electronics and Splintered Beats Electric Kettle (Peace Off, Praxis – Berlin, Germany) Xanopticon (Hymen, Zhark) AND DM RESIDENTS Baseck Diskore b2b Dynasty Fiend vS WMX Minion Monotek Nemeton + Shrill Pink Abduction Ray Wet Mango 21+ / 9:30 PM – ??? $15 Before 10:30 PM […]

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Pitchless Radio presents a special Darkmatter Soundsystem broadcast on iLL FM on Thursday 1st August, 2013 from 20:00 – Midnight (ish) (GMT / UK time)   A FRESH SELECTION OF CORE MUSICS!!!   Tune in at http://radio.illfm.net:8000/stream   ‘Darkmatter Soundsystem was born in early 2001 by a collective of like-minded individuals who wanted to fill a void in the Los Angeles underground. We wanted […]

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Brand new is the second digital release on Darkmatter Soundsystem, the REMEMBER EP by WMX! And the ongoing project of uploading the Praxis back catalogue has been amended by the classic 1993 techno album by Bourbonese Qualk, Autonomia (Praxis 5CD) as a free download (you are welcome to make a donation!)  

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The Party at Subversiv and New Releases   First of all a big thanks to everybody who played and to everybody who partied on June 9 at our party at Subversiv! For us it was the best party in a long time and a success both artistically and in so far that about 250 euro […]

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Reject and Void Tactical Media present NERD RAGE Special Guest from Detroit: SELECTOR CATALOGUE – Live (Reject) http://selectorcatalogue.com/ ELECTRIC KETTLE – Live (Peace Off) http://www.electrickettle.fr/ CHRISTOPH FRINGELI (Praxis) http://praxisrecords.wordpress.com NEMETON (Darkmatter) http://www.darkmattersoundsystem.com ADDITIV – Live (Void Tactical Media) http://formandstructure.org/additiv DARKAM – Live (Barok Works) http://soundcloud.com/darkam http://www.darkam.org/www.darkam.org/Darkam_illustration_comics_drawings.html GENUS INKASSO – Live (Naboamusic) http://illphabetik.com/ BART HARD (Not […]

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The line-up tonight: 11:30-12:45 silverman 12:45-1:35 duran duran duran 1:20-2:20 baseck 2:25-3:15 electric kettle 3:20-4:10 amboss 4:15-5:05 christoph fringeli 5:10-6:00 additiv SUBLAND Wiesenweg 5, 10365 Berlin, Germany

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