Pitchless Radio presents a special Darkmatter Soundsystem broadcast

Pitchless Radio presents a special Darkmatter Soundsystem broadcast

on iLL FM on Thursday 1st August, 2013 from 20:00 – Midnight (ish) (GMT / UK time)




Tune in at http://radio.illfm.net:8000/stream


Darkmatter Soundsystem was born in early 2001 by a collective of like-minded individuals who wanted to fill a void in the Los Angeles underground. We wanted nothing to do with the restrictive overpriced nature of clubs or commercial raves, but most importantly we wanted to showcase music that currently fit nowhere in the L.A underground. Our collective mission was to showcase extreme electronics and splintered beats in an independent autonomous zone.

‘As time progressed, we became connected with others with the same mission internationally as well as locally. This network has allowed us to share ideas as well as present music that for the most part would not be heard. We are now a part of this much larger network where we seek to support each other as well as continuing to promote more experimental sounds in Los Angeles!’

– http://www.darkmattersoundsystem.com/About.html


As well as bouncing dancefloors all over the place, Darkmatter have released vinyls featuring tracks by members of their own crew as well as like-minded noise destructos such as ADC

(more details: http://www.darkmattersoundsystem.com/Releases.html).


We’re delighted to present the following Darkmatter crew to frazzle atoms, explode pixels, and kik drums all over the galaxies:




Wet Mango



Tune in at http://radio.illfm.net:8000/stream

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As always you can log into the chat roomwww.illfm.net/chat


All sets will be archived to be listened to and downloaded at: http://www.illfm.net/illapp/browse/show/3/1.html

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