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Praxis related events at Easterndaze Festival Berlin Oct.3 and Oct.8


Two events related to Praxis are taking place in the framework of the Easterndaze Festival:

October 3rd
Praxis presents Christoph de Babalon, WIDT, a collaboration of the two, plus Christoph Fringeli vinyl + laptop set

silent green Kulturquartier
Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin, Germany
Doors open 7pm, music starts at 8pm, till midnight.

More info: Praxis Event, Facebook Event

October 8th
‘Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise’ documentary film by Silvia Biagioni about Praxis records. Screening 8pm with guests Silvia Biagioni and Christoph Fringeli.

Lichtblick cinema, Kastanienallee 77
10435 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

Check the whole Easterndaze film programme at Lichtblick cinema HERE

Praxis EventFacebook Event

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Pictures from Praxis Shop Instore – NoiseBegriff#4 – 20-08-2016

Under the header of NoiseBegriff#4 we did a super short notice secret gig & warm up for Detonal (taking place the following weekend) as an instore event at the Berlin Praxis Shop on August 20, feat. Amandroid (Army of Love), Montaux (Xanopticon & Dimentia), and Binnie (5lowershop). Here are some pics courtesy of fgnugn (please do not repost the pics on ‘social media’, you can link to this page)





dsc_0070 dsc_0073 dsc_0077 dsc_0086





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Praxis 55 – Alex Buess & Daniel Buess: “Skin Craft” – RIND & NOL in stock now!

Praxis 55
Works by Alex Buess & Daniel Buess
rearranged by CORTEX

Two powerful compositions on vinyl LP with cover art by Darkam and layout by Lynx. RIND is a work using three large self-built cow skin frame drums, 1 horse skin container drum, metal plates and electronics composed and played live at Gare du Nord, Basel on 4-3-2010 by Daniel Buess, Daniel Stalder, Peter Conradin Zumthor, rearranged by Cortex (Alex and Daniel Buess). NOL is a composition by Alex Buess for a percussion trio from 1995 played by Daniel Buess, Daniel Stalder, Matthias Würsch live in May 2003. This release continues the collaboration with Alex Buess that goes back to the pre-Praxis days of the Vision label since 1987 and includes Praxis 31 by 16-17 and Praxis 48 by Cortex, both of which also included Daniel Buess.

We’re happy to be back on the vinyl front with this excellent release!


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Praxis: Some important changes in our retail operation!

Praxis will start selling exclusively on our own online shop for a trial period of six months, suspending our presence on other platforms. Our aim is to improve presentation and service through our own shop where we can sell the whole range of records, books, CDs, magazines, merch, coffee, etc.

Not having to attend to the listing, communication, shipping, etc of the other platforms will free up time to improve the shop and to concentrate more on our own productions and releases.

Praxis is an independent underground record label and datacide is a printed ‘magazine for noise & politics’. Connected to these publishing activities we have built up a distribution and retail operation essentially to distribute and fund our productions. Our aim there was to be able to remain as independent as possible. We sought to develop networks with other like-minded labels and crews, trying to bypass the established distribution and media channels.

In the text “Critical Distribution” in Praxis Newsletter 23 from 2012, I explored various aspects of the developments of “underground” distribution networks and their relative decline, which was analysed as partly self-inflicted.

In the four years since the publication of this newsletter, there has been a certain resurgence in vinyl sales. However this seems to barely affect experimental electronic music, perhaps with the exception of some types of techno. The great beneficiaries of this trend have been major labels and mainstream artists, often in the form of re-releases in luxury gatefold sleeves and 180g vinyl, but also new releases by most current pop and rock stars. While this is a somewhat interesting development, it doesn’t contribute to any kind of counter-cultural direction.

A label like Praxis has not benefitted from this trend. Quite the contrary: vinyl pressing plants are tied up with lucrative deals with big labels. Most distributors and shops will no longer touch anything that exists in and explores areas between the established genres (including “experimental music”) and the small specialists who have done so are going out of business at an alarming rate.

In such an environment it had become more and more necessary to use any possible platform to retail an ever expanding range of titles. Maintaining our own website and physical store in Berlin, on top of our presence on amazon, booklooker, discogs, ebay, etc, has become ever more time-consuming with multi-platform listing and unlisting, keeping stocks up to date and corresponding with potential customers as well as the related social media activities – and finally shipping the orders. A situation has developed where these activities – which were meant to finance the label and publishing – have instead begun to paralyse it.

We are now taking a radical step and will suspend (nearly) all selling on platforms which are not our own for the coming six months. This will include amazon, discogs and ebay. This is an experiment which has a number of advantages and dangers.

We will be able to focus on the presentation of products and better service for orders in the Praxis online store and, crucially, will have more time to dedicate to the label, the magazine and forthcoming books.

The danger is that the economic situation will get worse in the short or mid term. Indeed if after six months the overall situation hasn’t improved, we may be forced to re-activate the sales accounts which we are now putting on hold. This would be regrettable because I, for one, think my time is better spent as a writer, musician and publisher.

The new issue of datacide is very close to publication and several records and books are in the pipeline, others ready for release. We’re excited to focus on these essentials!

Christoph Fringeli

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Low Res 027 – Adjust: Titan Remixes feat. Meander, Tarmvred, Detroit Gore Police on 12″

Fresh from the pressing plant!
300 copies, exclusive distribution by Praxis
Official release date: March 29
from today and until then only available from the praxis shop in Berlin!

LOW 027 – Adjust – Titan Remixes – 12” Vinyl

In an era where paltry software remixes are a thinly veiled attempt to retread played material as a weak appeal to launch unknown producers, or worse, a desperate plea for social followers in a bootleg capacity, it seems the critical art of the remix project is a dead and rotting half-eaten corpse on the tracks of electronic music’s underground railways.

Enter, the Titan. Only on Low Res Records.

An original track by Adjust, featuring remixes from Meander, Detroit Gore Police and Tarmvred. Each producer armed with the pedigree and capability to strip you of your fingerprints and leave nothing for dental records to trace, all with the single push of a space bar.

As your speakers begin to spew a straight up sonic seance surely to suture your future wide shut, the darkness grows colder with each revolution of the record and the needle digs deeper into your vinyl skin within. Each groove that passes, you have no choice but to submit to pure mechanical breakdown and are forced to peel your skin back and expose your very essence to the frequencies that begin to deconstruct your pithy soul. This is a total scrotal recall of Schwarzeneggerian proportions.

Leading with the Meander remix, you the listener are instantly punched in the throat and the perineum with both of Mike Tyson’s robotic iron fists at the same time. Pain, ecstasy, bewilderment and the thrill of the kill in one gigantic money shot. Little hope is left, writhing helplessly on the ground, as you stare up from the floor starstruck with delicious agony. The blood in your mouth tastes like nectar, your eardrums swollen with fear. With the value of the remix steady on the decline, this remix is measured not only in decibels, but in body counts for the coroner.

Then the Detroit Gore Police remix backs up the dump truck and drops seismic kicks and concrete bricks that grind your bones into a gelatin mâché that gets funneled into whats left of your ears, force fed by bass lines that make your eyes pop like condoms filled with phosphorescent urine from the gods, punished and pummeled, weak and forgotten, you prepare to leave the world like you entered, naked and afraid…

But before you can wither away to dust and resign from your mortal coil, the Tarmvred remix howls across the sand under the moonlight sky and circles your perimortem crawl towards death, slowly splitting your black oak, spreading your gates and turning your kingdom of suffering into a final frozen tomb of eternal sleep. A crushing whirlwind of creeping metallic devastation that pierces your innervision. No one on this planet does, like Tarmvred does.

Finally, seemingly as an act of moderated mercy, the original version of Titan by Adjust is capped off as the coup de grâce to abuse and confuse the polymatic construct of acetatic compounds found in pounds of sounds. You muster to escape by seppuku, but are only drawn to block high decibel punches in bunches with your face while your orbitals are destroyed by audibles of psychotic southside chicago acid jungle nightmares that your diminishing soul lacks in capability and composition to escape from. You never stood a chance. It’s over. The needle runs out the groove and darkness falls into a static silence as amplified paper scrapes close out your existence… you are lost and alone, on Titan.

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Daniel Buess Obituary

Daniel Buess is dead. My personal friend and musical collaborator disappeared on February 7 in his hometown of Basel, Switzerland in the early morning after a night of partying. After more than a month, an agonising period for his life partner, Eli, as well as for his friends and family, his body was found in the river Rhine on March 10. At the time of writing the circumstances of his death are still unclear and it remains to be seen if the results of an autopsy will shed light on the darkness surrounding his disappearance.

Daniel was an exceptional drummer, a master of intensification, and he employed his skills both in the context of ‘serious’ music as well as underground noise, from the Ensemble Phoenix, to 16-17, Buggatronic, Cortex, Mir and collaborations with musicians such as Knut Remond, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Zbigniew Karkowski and many others.

I was lucky enough to have played with him twice as Cortex, once at the Praxis 20 years party in Basel in 2012 and once, again in Basel, in 2014. Daniel also played at other Praxis label nights both in Basel and Berlin, solo as Cortex, most recently at the 2013 Datacide Thirteen release party and conference in Berlin.

Daniel appeared in the Praxis universe when he got involved with the 1999 release of 16-17 “Mechanophobia”, where his drumming was sampled and used for the beats. Around this time, fruitful collaborations with Alex Buess began, and one shape they took was the project named Cortex which eventually materialised on vinyl as Praxis 48 – “Vacuum Theory”. I had worked with Alex on numerous records and collaborations since the 80s and I was very happy to be able to release the record.

Since then there had been talk about putting out more material, and finally an LP with one side each by the two Buess’ was finalised and cut in early February 2016. We are currently expecting test pressings and plan to have the final LPs published in May.

No one would have expected this to become a posthumous release for Daniel, and while it is with great sadness that we have to acknowledge this fact we are proud to be releasing a piece that will contribute to his legacy and provide inspiration to others.

We miss you!


A commemorative event will be held on March 21, 7pm at Gare du Nord, Basel. The event is public and Ensemble Phoenix will be playing a concert. Further details will be announced.

Below you find:
– Preview of Daniel’s side of the next Praxis record
– Videos of two performances at JOLT TERRAINS, incl. the full Cortex gig with Stelarc and a 3 minute excerpt of Buggatronic, filmed 11/12-11-2011
– Link to free download of the Praxis 48 – Cortex: Vacuum Theory via bandcamp

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Kritik am Leben Blog

Zombieflesheater’s new blog KRITIK AM LEBEN has been online since November 2015, but deserves a special mention here for incessantly adding new links and references on a near-daily basis. Tracks, mixes and articles new and old with timely reminders of many forgotten treasures.

Another welcome addition to the blog roll here after PROLE SECTOR started his a few months ago.

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Kovert Mix to celebrate 23 years of Praxis

A bit late – the mix has been online since late last year (which was when Praxis turned 23), but I just noticed I never posted it here:


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Praxis 54 – Noirodyn: Construct Deconstruct CD in stock now!

A full length CD album by Noirodyn, aka Vile Enginez.

OUT NOVEMBER 2nd – pre-orders taken now and shipped Oct. 27/28!

special pre-order price until Oct. 31st – EUR 10.00, afterwards EUR 13.00

Fernando Narvàez Perez has so far mainly made his mark under his Vile Enginez monicker with a debut on Zhark International from 2004 and several releases on the Praxis sublabel Sub/Version, both on vinyl and digital. The project mutated into Noirodyn with a first digital-only release for Praxis in 2013 titled Infradesigns. Immediately it was evident that Fernando was applying his production skills to a more varied sound but regularly returning to slamming beats and far-out noise constructions making Noirodyn the logical continuation and development of Vile Enginez.

Construct Deconstruct contains 16 new tracks ranging from slower grooves to hectic intensifications arranged into a continuous mix, showing his creative energies at a peak.

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PRAXIS HAS A NEW URL: praxis-records.net

Due to the sale of the c8.com domain name (not by us), all c8 based web addresses are obsolete, or will be shortly.

the new site for praxis is


please update your bookmarks & links and tell your friends

the same applies to emails. if you wrote to us in the last week or so and didn’t get a reply it’s most likely that we didn’t get your mail.

please use this mail for the time being: christophpraxis – at – gmail.com

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