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Kovert: Jaffna A: Jaffna Pt. 1 B: Jaffna Pt. 2 Cut by Martin Giles at Alchemy, London. Pressed at MPO 1000 copies From the original label info (2004): Sub/Version 006, after 3 years the first installment after a long break, is by UK producer Kovert who has stunned listeners with his release on Praxis (number […]

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Crisis Theory A: Luxuria B: Avaritia Recorded by Rachael Kozak and Christoph Fringeli in Nunningen Switzerland. Cut at Tape2Tape by Shane One pressing of 1000 done at MPO  

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Sub/Version 004 Christoph Fringeli/Pure A: Christoph Fringeli: Fuel for the Fire AA: Pure: Fight’Em 12″ – 2000 One pressing of 1000

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Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure Dark Star Remixes A: Dark Star (Panacea Remix) B: Dark Star (Fennesz Remix) Cut at Toolhouse One pressing of 500.

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Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure Anti-Christ A: Anti-Christ B: A.C. Cut at Toolhouse One pressing of 800 (if I remember right) 1998

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Sub/Version 001 Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure Dark Star Released in 1997 as a one-sided 12″ 1000 copies pressed   Steven Wells in New Musical Express 25 October 1997:

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It’s been a while, but finally a new 8-page A5 sized newsletter is out on paper! Just in time for last night’s NoiseAngriff event, it combines news about Praxis and Sub/Version, an critcal look at distribution networks and the old New Urban Noise column/chart! So far only 100 were made for last night and saturdays […]

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Listen to the full version here or here, BUY the track in full quality here Check out more tracks by Egon Frinz here.

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Maybe the most radical release on Sub/Version yet: Vile Enginez: Drum & Fuck Off is out now in digital format! Check it on out soundcloud site now:

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