Crisis Theory: Luxuria/Avaritia

Crisis Theory
A: Luxuria
B: Avaritia
Sub/Version 005
Recorded and produced by Rachael Kozak and Christoph Fringeli in Nunningen Switzerland.
Cut at Tape2Tape by Shane
One pressing of 1000
done at MPO

Review by Sharee (Jungle Voodoo) in Knowledge June 2001

“Wow, the best Sub/version I heard so far! The structures of both tracks are quite deep and complex (something that is often lacking in the hardcore genre!) and both tracks have a really dark atmosphere, both tracks are full of ideas and sounds, yeah! My fav track is ‘Avaritia’, the beats are more industrial than pounding which adds to the eery atmosphere of the track and theres this dark synth melody that comes in and now and then, fucking excellent, go get it”. (review by Low Entropy, quoted in digitalworldnet mail order catalog from 2003)

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