Upcoming Praxis and Datacide events

Upcoming events (between now and xmas):

(latest update: October 1)


20-10-2012: Datacide 12 release party & talks @ Subversiv, Berlin

Xanopticon, Split Horizon, Dimentia, Key, LFO Demon, Amboss, H-Kon!

Details about the talks and discussions will be posted in the next days!


27-10-2012: Datacide @ Anarchist Bookfair, London. Datacide will be at the Anarchist Bookfair, a launch event is planned at some point between Oct.27 and Nov. 4., venue and lineup tba.


02-11-2012: Praxis 20th Anniversary Party in London, @ Stübnitz!!!

Somatic Responses, DJ Scud, Bambule, Eiterherd, Kovert, Base Force One, Dan Hekate and more….
visuals by Sansculotte


17-11-2012: Praxis 20th Anniversary Party Milano

lineup tba


24-11-2012: Praxis 20th Anniversary Party @ Köpi, Berlin

Somatic Responses, Kovert, Pure, Base Force One, Electric Kettle, Zombieflesheater, Nemeton & more


30-11-2012: Praxis 20th Anniversary Party @ EKH, Wien

01-12-2012: Praxis 20th Anniversary Party Bratislava

Vienna and Bratislava will have the same lineups, Base Force One, Eiterherd, Kovert and more t.b.c.


06-12-2012: Praxis 20th Anniversary Party Bruxelles @ Le Café Central – lineup t.b.a.


13-12-2012: Praxis 20th Anniversary Party @ Kaserne, Basel – NOTE NEW DATE!!

Coincides with book launch of a new book on Swiss music in the 80’s which includes an article by CF about the Vision label. Lineup: Les Reines Prochaines, Cortex, Base Force One, Electric Kettle, Vile Enginez, Zombieflesheater, Visuals by Sansculotte.

14 or 15-12-2012: Praxis 20th Anniversary Party Stuttgart

Base Force One, Electric Kettle, Zombieflesheater, H-Kon, visuals by Sansculotte

since the Stuttgart crew is still flexible we can do another date on either the 14 or 15 in Switzerland or Germany, get in touch if you want to organize something.


For the free weekends (between end of october and xmas) we are currently looking at doing possible parties in Lyon, Leipzig, Tilburg, Lublin, Krakow, Paris, Amsterdam. Not all of these will be possible to do. I will update this post as more confirmations are coming in!

Once line-ups are fully confirmed and flyers designed, a separate post will be done for each of them.

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