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Third wednesday of the month = Breakcore and more!

Void Tactical Media-Special
Xanax Order Online

with guests from the US:Dimentia (Void Tactical Media / Katabatik – Oakland) – live
beatGet Alprazolam Online

Split Horizon (Void Tactical Media – Oakland) – live
Xanax Cheap
Xanax Mastercard

Electric Kettle (peace off/combine)
t3kamin (Lauschangriff/a_sound)
Christoph Fringeli (praxis records/datacide)

more tba!

entry on donation

It is meant to be an “early” night (by Berlin standards), meaning that we will go till one or two and then it will depend on the audience, the bar staff as well as ourselves if we carry on and make it a late one after all.

Incl. Praxis Record stall!
check Best Site To Order Xanax Online and pick up your order at the party where you can also browse through and listen to a selection of our stock!

Buying Xanax Online Reddit

Alprazolam Where To Buy

Rigaer Str 103
10247 Berlin


things to come, check here 8)
Buy Cheap Xanax Overnight Shipping Online

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