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Article about 16-17 by Manuel Liebeskind

Great article by Manuel Liebeskind about 16-17: Basel, Switzerland, early 1980ies. The local punk scene was not a scene really. Too small. But for the remainders of those who kept their interest in the attitude, 16-17 were the fathers of the true spirit. The do-it yourself idea, the no-musical-boundaries-for-nobody attitude, the forward thinking, experimenting musicians, leaving everything […]

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Videos of Live Sets from Praxis Label Night 2005 @ Hirscheneck, Basel are online now

Two videos of live sets from the Praxis Label Night which took place at the Hirscheneck in Basel on November 19, 2005 are now up on our YouTube channel for your delectation! It’s the sets by Vile Enginez and by Nihil Fist. Both artists had brand new releases out for which the party doubled up […]

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“Skin Craft” – RIND & NOL

Praxis 55Ales Buess & Daniel Buess“Skin Craft” – RIND & NOLMLP – 2016 “Skin Craft” – RIND & NOL (Praxis 55) by Alex Buess & Daniel Buess Two powerful compositions by Alex Buess and Daniel Buess, rearranged by Cortex.RIND is a work using three large self-built cow skin frame drums, 1 horse skin container drum, […]

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A Tribute to Daniel Buess – HEK, Basel, June 10 & 11 2016

A Tribute to Daniel Buess Record release of “Skin Craft” – RIND/NOL – works by Alex Buess and Daniel Buess Präsentiert von Ensemble Phœnix und Klappfon Freitag 10. Juni + Samstag 11. Juni Doors: 20:00 CHF 18.- / 15.- (pro Abend, nur Abendkasse) ___ PROGRAMM FREITAG 20:30 – Ensemble Phœnix Basel Francisco Meirino: «Epidemic» (2016 […]

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