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Vinyl Resistance – March 3-5 Monza feat. Psychic Defence, Christoph Fringeli, Lynx, Datacide

VENERDI 3 MARZO APERTURA ORE 19 ingresso 5 euro VINYL ZONE / STAND, BANCHETTI,ASCOLTI, ESPOSIZIONI DELLE ETICHETTE PARTECIPANTI GOOD VEGAN FOOD ORE 21 MAKE MUSIK FREE incontro / dibattito aperto Le scene underground e DIY vivono oggi una fase di grande crescita grazie ai nuovi media digitali, che annullando le distanze fra gli elementi della […]

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Yaya23 Records Label Night @ Kili Berlin with experimental floor hosted by Oppositaer & NoiseBegriff! 14-01-2017

Time is passing fast so we are as always in a time scale delation lab and thatfor only now kickin ´ of the next edition of the label gatherings. The second, experimental floor will be hosted by our comrades from Praxis records & Oppositaer. Happy to have them onboard once more for this edition of […]

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Broken Pictures Taken with a Broken Camera – Praxis Crawlspace Continues (Autotoxicity 1997)

BROKEN PICTURES TAKEN WITH A BROKEN CAMERA – PRAXIS CRAWLSPACE CONTINUES… All that is solid melts into the air… as winter beckons the pace and opportunity and diversity is expanded. There is always some kind of oppositional dialectic at work. Autonomy against conformity, refusal against palatability, movement against force, and all of these elements against […]

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Schienenfest In Memoriam Daniel Buess @ Waggons Stuttgart 23-25 September 2016

Big three day Festival in Memoriam Daniel Buess in Stuttgart September 23-25.

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Kovert Mix to celebrate 23 years of Praxis

A bit late – the mix has been online since late last year (which was when Praxis turned 23), but I just noticed I never posted it here:  

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Freakwenz Fest Berlin #2 – Saturday, January 11 @ Urban Spree, Berlin

As the first edition of FFB was over all expectations, it seemed obvious that we had to shoot again. Once more we focused on bringing a battery of cabled live PA´s and overclocked processors over 2 floors, ranging from Acid/Techno to Hardcore/Breakcore passing by Industrial, Electro and Hard Dnb. Artists from the Netherlands, France, Belgium, […]

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11.05.2013 Praxis presents Datacide @ Subversiv Berlin

                                                                    in den räumen des subversiv e.v., brunnenstrasse 7, berlin-mitte, u8 rosenthaler platz start: 23:00 DAN HEKATE [HEKATE SOUNDSYSTEM] http://soundcloud.com/dan-hekate-1 INUSHINI [OHM […]

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Praxis Label Night @ Sakog, Trimmelkam, Austria 13-4-2013

Originally planned for January this is Label night is now taking place on April 13 in the Austrian countryside, close to Salzburg and not too far from Munich!

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Surgical @ Subland March 9, 2013 Peter Kürten, ZFE, Base Force One

  Surgical is a new series starting at Subland with this event combining Crossbreed, D’n’B, Breakcore, Industrial. Check it out on March 9th!    

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Praxis 20th Anniversary Party + Braintheft in Leipzig 22-12-2012


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