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Instore performances by Tzii and C_C at Praxis Records & Books / Disconnect Store Berlin – July 25 2019, 7pm-10pm.

Praxis Records & Books @ Disconnect Store Berlin
Finowstr. 25 – 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain
important: this is an early event! the live sets will start ca. 7.30pm and will finish ca. 9pm. We close the shop at 10pm!

Since the 90’s Tzii, music composer and filmmaker, spreads his frequencies all over the world through touring from Eastern and Western Europe to Australia, passing by USA, South-East Asia, Canada, Japan, Indonesia and Africa, where he played hundreds of shows..… “A mountain of multiple figures” as defined by Nyx … His main aim is to reach transcendance through sound trance, layering and looping to another dimension …… To do so he explores infinite different worlds and expressions, from music to performance or collective creations. One thing always remains in his works : they’re impossible to fit in any box. He’s part of several other projects like SOLAR SKELETONS, MS30, 1997EV, VIRIL, AEROBICONOISE and works also for dance companies, living performances, movie soundtracks and any other mediums including sound ….. He collaborated on stage or in studio with numerous other fellow musicians around the world and is currently engaged in a never ending world tour …..
Xanax Order Online

Inspired by radical dub, filthy jungle, shattered breakcore, and transe ceremonies in general, c_c has developed a deliberately rough and noisy approach to productionand live performance. Constantly testing the limits of his equipment (from effects processors to mixers and cassette players) at the edge of implosion, he invents the soundtrack of a post-nuclear world’s dancefloor; its palpitations, its electric whispers, its sonorous accidents. Dangerous improvisation and distorted pulses.
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