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As the first edition of FFB was over all expectations, it seemed obvious that we had to shoot again.

Once more we focused on bringing a battery of cabled live PA´s and overclocked processors over 2 floors, ranging from Acid/Techno to Hardcore/Breakcore passing by Industrial, Electro and Hard Dnb.

Artists from the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy and of course Germany are attended in order to deliver new and old school knobcrafted, computerized and outminded electronic rave music.

So, Let´s start 2K14 in force!


▼▼ TOYSFORNOISE ▼▼ [Accu/Neurotrope – NL] – LIVE

▼▼ COEXSYSTEMS ▼▼ [Audio Riots/Special Weapons – DE] – LIVE

▼▼ ANNA BOLENA ▼▼ [Idroscalo Dischi – IT] – LIVE

▼▼ L-REAK vs NOCID▼▼ [Electronic Resistance vs Escape to Acid – BE]

▼▼ BASTARD SQUAD ▼▼ [Structural Damage – BE] – LIVE

▼▼ LE MATIN ▼▼ [Mathematics/Third Type Tapes – FR] – LIVE

▼▼ AGENT PENDERGAST ▼▼ [Subotnik Kombinat – DE]


Hardcore/Breakcore/Hard Dnb

▼▼ DETEST ▼▼ [Strike/Deathchant/Rebelscum – DE] – LIVE

▼▼ INFERNAL NOISE ▼▼ [Mechanical Brain/NRDS/Scare Tactics – IT] – LIVE

▼▼ BASE FORCE ONE ▼▼ [Praxis – CH] – LIVE

▼▼ DJ TENSE ▼▼ [Apocalypse Rec./Industrial Strength – USA]

▼▼ GRR ▼▼ [Mechanical Brain/Industrial Strength – IT] – LIVE

▼▼ GORY MEASURE ▼▼ [Subotnik Kombinat – DE]

▼▼ SIM ON KOR FUNKLE ▼▼ [Berzerk Produkts/Mechanical Brain – BE] – LIVE


+ VJ´S : BARBIE KALI (Acid Test Project – SP)


+ Cybercity Deco by Vonkor Lab


Timetable :

Spektraum ( Acid/Techno/Industrial/Electro )

11:00 -> 00:00 : Agent pendergast
00:00 -> 01:00 : Le matin
01:00 -> 02:00 : Anna Bolena
02:00 -> 03:30 : L-Reak vs Nocid
03:30 -> 04:30 : Coexsystems
04:30 -> 05:30 : Toysfornoise
05:30 -> 06:30 : Bastard Squad
06:30 -> ?? : Maciek Noworol

Maschinenkeller ( Breakcore/Hardcore/Hard DNB )

00:00 -> 01:00 : Gory Measure
01:00 -> 02:00 : Base Force One
02:00 -> 03:00 : Dj Tense
03:00 -> 04:00 : Detest
04:00 -> 04:40 : Infernal Noise
04:40 -> 05:40 : Grr
05:40 -> ?? : Sim on kor Funkle


DOORS : 23:00 -> ??

[ Availables till friday at Praxis/Yaya23 record shop,
Lenbachstraße 9, Ostkreuz,
open tuesday to saturday from 14:00 to 19:00 ]

ENTRANCE (at the doors) : 8€

LOCATION : Xanax Order Online , Revalerstraße, 99, 10245, BERLIN



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