Bambule: Vertical Invasion

Artist: Bambule
Title: Vertical Invasion
Vinyl released 1999
Press run: 500-700
(I can’t remember…)

Side A
– Vertical Invasion (6:58)
– Joy Is The Aim (3:22)

Side B
– Tripped Wire (Photon Emissions Rmx) (5:46)
– Third Force (Photon Emissions Rmx) (06:24)

Digital release 28-12-2012
Additionally featuring the original mixes of Thirdforce and Trip Wired (see bandcamp player below)

Bambule is a project of Gordon Sharp, better known as Cindytalk, which combines beat oriented material with noise and ambient soundscapes. Named after Ulrike Meinhof’s TV play which is a critique of the borstal system, urging female revolt and class warfare. Two releases on Praxis appeared in 1996 and 1999. The first was a double album collaboration with Cunning which has become one of the more sought after records on Praxis (Praxis 19), the second featured one side by Bambule with intense soundscapes and the other side with two remixes of (so far unreleased) tracks by Photon Emissions, a.k.a. Somatic Responses (Praxis 29).


“This Praxis 12inch is a strange thing. I do not know anything about BAMBULE (after publishing this review, I got the information that it’s in fact a side-project of CINDYTALK), but here is a pretty diverse and varied. On the A side, ‘Vertical invasion’ is a slow track of muffled noise, with some cut off effect being applied to a low and rumbling wave of distortion. Quite dense and with some good heavy tones, but maybe ending before having really gotten somewhere. The following ‘Joy Is The Aim’ is less noisy, and relies on some edited voice samples, a repeated high pitched tone and some play of low drums and basses. This track is quite experimental and works well, in an atmospheric kind of way. Heavy in its texture but light and interesting in its sound, this is a nice unidentified audio object. The B side is totally different, with two tracks remixed by PHOTONS EMISSIONS (aka SOMATIC RESPONSES). I don’t know the original ones, but these sounds like very good SOMATIC RESPONSES material. Maybe a bit broken and less distorted than the usual SOMATIC RESPONSES stuff, the mark of the two Welsh brothers is easy to spot on this two rhythmic, heavy and percussive tracks. ‘Thirdforce’ is a fast and broken track with a surprisingly clear but nice melodic line. ‘Tripped Wire’ is a really impressive and extremely good slow paced track with very interesting dark rusty sounds and a strangely menacing thing that sounds like a voice. Very good job. I would recommend this 12″ for the PHOTONS EMISSIONS remixes alone. The other side, presenting BAMBULE alone, is nice but maybe too short to get an idea of where this artist wants to go. Anyway, I’ll keep on playing the B side on repeat.” (review by Recycle Your Ears).


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