Void News Spring 2012

The latest news from our friends in CA, as we’re waiting for the arrival of the new Darkmatter 12″ this week!
Void News Spring 2012

It’s a very exciting year at Void Tactical.  In the last few months we’ve seen several excellent, well received releases, the return of JStat to live performance, and two of our most successful parties to date.  As more and more of our crew collects around the SFBay, our network has really come together to yield a lot of exciting activity.  Read on to see what we’ve been getting into, and where we are

In this update…

+ Void Tactical + Darkmatter joint parties in SF and LA were a huge success!
+ VTCL002  Dimentia with Split Horizon split 12″, available for listen and preorder!
+ WMX’s first official release, FS007 – Machine Vision – FREE DOWNLOAD
+ FS006 – Dimentia – A Dream Manifested also out now…
+ New Void Tactical Tshirt design
+ STATIC dj night coming up in 2 weeks (SFBAY)
+ Tons of upcoming releases…  and plans for our first European Tour.
+ Get involved… and get some free stickers!

— Void Tactical Media presents Darkmatter Soundsystem // Darkmatter Soundsystem
presents Void Tactical Media

Our party in San Francisco just a couple of weeks was probably one of our best to date.  Dimentia set the gears in motion, and swept through our favorite Bayshore location, clearing out and decking out the space (thanks in large part to Key) in signature style.  With bomb sound provided by Havoc, we packed the spot for hours of broken bass and hard electronics featuring Darkmatter Soundsystem artists Sonic Death Rabbit, Diskore, Fiend with WMX, Dimentia, Split Horizon, Additiv, and Key.
As if that wasn’t enough, we packed a second room with Xanopticon, Intoner,
Heartworm, Jack Clang, Rytpe, and The Stapler.   A full house, no doubt.. and packed with our excellent community of friends and supporters.

Then, just a little under two weeks later we were off to LA for the sister show, this time with Darkmatter hooking up the space and sound and hosting for the return of JStat.  We hadn’t heard a set from JStat for over 2 years, but he picked up right where he left off rocking the headliner slot with a set that had people falling
over… literally.  And who could expect less, with a lineup stacked with WMX,
Dimentia, Baseck, Split Horizon, Diskore vs. Fiend, and Minion vs. Resurrector you
knew the sound was gonna be large.   Huge thanks to LA and friends new and old for
making this out best journey down the coast yet.  We can’t wait for the next time!

— VTCL002 is here!

One of the most exciting parts of our trip to LA was the opportunity to pick up Void’s next vinyl, the second on the Void Tactical Media imprint.  A split 12″ between Dimentia and Split Horizon, it feels amazing to have this project become a reality.  Dimentia heads up the A side with two of his signature broken bass tracks and his first to hit vinyl.  On the flip, Split Horizon offers up the final 2 Stormwave tracks to complete what he started with VTCL001, the split with Jstat in 2008.   Tracks are available for a listen at
http://soundcloud.com/voidtacticalmedia/sets/vtcl002-preview/  and the vinyl can be preordered now at http://voidtacticalmedia.org/shortlist.php .  If you’re thinking about picked it up, grab a copy now cause it makes the mailing much easier on us! This high quality cut also features hand screened sleeves, a poster by Dimentia, and
an essay by Split Horizion.

— WMX FS007 – Machine Vision available for Free Download!

May has marked an absolute flood of releases, and this is one that should not be missing.   His first official release, WMX’s Machine Vision mixes the austere digital sonics of a destroyed world with a funky, tongue in cheek dance floor vibe, WMX knows how to rock the party.  After seeing him consistently throw down at Darkmatter, Void Tactical, and SPAZ parties we knew it was time to get his music out.  On MACHINE VISION, WMX weaves elegantly detailed, sharp broken programming into a dark, yet playful, perspective on current technological development.   The first half of an audio diptych, WMX invites us to place electronic music squarely in the context of the quickening development of intelligent machines, and both their military and civilian uses.  We all know that, at least in part, our fascination with electronic music stems from questioning the changing definition of humanity. So WMX lets us in on his secret:  you can engage some serious critique, but also
keep it fun and have a great party.

Ck his sonics at http://soundcloud.com/voidtacticalmedia/sets/fs007-wmx-machine-vision/ and grab the download while you are at it.   If you like what you find, consider throwing a few coins to Void at http://voidtacticalmedia.bandcamp.com/ for full quality waves, and help keep the digital label rolling along!

— FS006 – Dimentia – A Dream Manifested is also out, and it’s excellent…

As though we haven’t already covered enough ground for one update, there’s still a lot more talk about it and Dimentia’s first digital release on Form and Structure is one important release.  One of Void Tactical Media’s most crucial artists and collaborators, Dimentia presents here two tracks of serious sonic sculpture and dancefloor mayhem. In A Dream Manifested, Dimentia hones waves of chaos into a unparalleled broken bass noise and electro onslaught. With Xanopticon stepping in
again on the final mix and mastering, this sonic delivery is targeted for dancefloor and forest floor alike.   Already our best received digital release to date, lend this one an ear at http://soundcloud.com/voidtacticalmedia/sets/fs006-dimentia-a-dream/ or do the full quality dance at http://voidtacticalmedia.bandcamp.com/album/a-dream-manifested

— New Void Tactical Media tshirt now available!

Check our shortlist distro ( http://voidtacticalmedia.org/shortlist.php once again) for images of our new Tshirt design, a collaboration between Key and Split Horizon. We can print in all sizes, so just let us know which you’d like.  Features our Power Ladder graphic, created as a visual representation of the value of collaboration, on a fashion fitted tshirt.  Preorder now, and we’ll be shipping in about a week and a half.

— STATIC DJ night coming up in 2 weeks, Oakland, CA

While some of us were busy in LA, Carlos Oblivion (aka Additiv) was busy concocting his next adventure in DJ night mayhem.   A continuation of his exploits in Europe, STATIC gives Void Tactical DJ’s a platform to stretch out and combine our own sound with an eclectic mix of GOOD MUSIC.   We’ve set this one up to include Intoner, Nemeton, and Moire (her first appearance DJing).  It’ll be a great time, so if if you’re in the Bay come on out and gets social with the crew.

— What’s next????

This newsletter is already out of control, so let’s just hit this really quickly. What we have on our hands here is a veritable FLOOD of material that needs to be heard.   The next couple of months will see additional Form and Structure releases from WMX and Dimentia as well as Killx8, Split Horizon, Additiv, and others ( that we can’t yet announce).   We’ve also got Jstat’s Live at Breakcore Pancakes set now available for download and hard copy pre-order, and the Adjust live set still waiting in the wings.   Probably most exciting, however, is news of our quickly coming together Europrean tour.  Split Horizon and Dimentia will be hitting Europe around September, spreading our sounds, and looking for international collaborators.

— Get Involved

If you like what you’re hearing, now is a great time to lend a hand as we extend extend our capabilities and concepts.   If you’ve got radio stations, podcasts, or blogs where you’d like to hear broken bass music, or think our sounds would be a match, get in touch with the details and we’ll send them our audio.  We are also working to expand our european connections, so if you can help make the connex give us a shout!   And yes, rumors are true we do have some new stickers and we’ve giving them out for free.  If you send a SASE to 1622 11th Street, Oakland, CA 94607 we’ll send some of this one http://www.voidtacticalmedia.org/images/VTM-StickerWebBIG.jpg
The effects of our efforts are only as great as the depth of our network, and we deeply value all those that have been with us from the beginning and remain equally open and excited to meet new allies to the project of musical discourse.

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