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20 Years of Praxis (Praxis 20) by Praxis Praxis 20 20 Years of Praxis Fantastic mega-mix of over 50 tracks from the first 20 years of the label’s history by Darkmatter Soundsystem DJ’s Diskore, Fiend and Baseck available both as a cassette tape and a free download (with donation option) from our bandcamp site. An […]

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Fantastic mega-mix of over 50 tracks from the first 20 years of the label’s history by Darkmatter DJ’s Diskore, Fiend and Baseck! This is OUT NOW as a limited tape release and free download as of May 15, 2013 with the catalog number Praxis 20! Check out the detailed track list HERE. free download (with […]

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Buying Xanax Online Bluelight

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Cafe Central 14 rue borgwal, 1000 Region Brüssel-Hauptstadt FREE ENTRANCE Chrstoph Fringeli (DJ – praxis) Base Force One (live – praxis) Bulkrate (live – praxis) Hegel (live – yb70) Tzii (live – night on earth/solis kanones…) Ripit (live – solis kanones/yb70…)

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  kóre-core more /// harsh /// experimental /// breakcore /// electronics http://praxis-records.net/ Prvý vynil vydalo Praxis records koncom novembra v roku 1992. Pri príležitosti dvadsiatich narodenín organizuje sériu akcií po celej Európe. Prvá sa uskutoční v Londýne – rodnom meste vydavateľstva (v súčasnosti je akívne v Berlíne – “capital city of breakcore”). Christoph Fringeli (otec […]

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Grrrnd Zero 40 rue pré Gaudry 69007 Lyon INFECT & Buffet Froid sont fiers de vous présenter, pour le 20eme anniversaire du label mythique PRAXIS : CHRISTOPH FRINGELI (Berlin) ELECTRIC KETTLE (FR/Berlin) ZOMBIEFLESHEATER (Berlin) NEMETON (USA/Berlin) DJ TRAKABS (local hero) starts 21.00 There will be a Datacide presentation the evening before, Thursday November 15th by […]

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