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THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE IS ON. DE//US//IT//NL//BE//FR//PL//TR united to give tribute to the real Hardcore&Gabber old true school of darkness and celebrating GHETTO G aka UNPROFESSIONAL’s 30 YRS ANNIVERSARY. NOVOLINE aka JackWolfSkin special Gabber edition (LIVE) NIHIL FIST (LIVE) [He is back!] ANNA BOLENA [special 90s obscurities]TZII [The dark side of France]Dj Exotic Thoriental Tax [The dark side […]

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As the first edition of FFB was over all expectations, it seemed obvious that we had to shoot again. Once more we focused on bringing a battery of cabled live PA´s and overclocked processors over 2 floors, ranging from Acid/Techno to Hardcore/Breakcore passing by Industrial, Electro and Hard Dnb. Artists from the Netherlands, France, Belgium, […]

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Number 18, αργον, the lazy one: a noble gas beaming blue-green laser light With livesets by: Domestic Violence (Audiovisual Peformance) , DAS DASZ (Noize Dub) Anna Bolena (Idroscalo Dischi) Key (Void Tactical Media) Resident djs: Crash 0.1, fgnugn Visuals: Aikia (, Panoptix ( as always, starting around 9pm at Lauschangriff Rigaerstr. […]

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