Pure: King Kong Pt.2/Katharsis

King Kong Pt.2/Katharsis
Praxis 26

1000 copies.

2022 Re-press of 100 copies on special vinyl.

An alliance with DJ Pure from Vienna was forged in the mid-90s and found its expression on Praxis with the release of this 12″ and later a retrospective double CD (Praxis 26CD). To make it fit on the 12″ vinyl King Kong had to be cut by half, but both this track and Katharsis on the other side made harsh and disturbing listening.


Dave Howell in THE WIRE #190/191 New Year 2000

“There are few records I cherish as much as my copy of PURE’s ‘Analog Terror’ on Drop Bass Network and this one goes back to the same mine, only it digs deeper. ‘Don’t let the dead canaries bother you, natural causes’. ‘Katharsis’ just about sums it up. In the midst of a sonic cataclysm we find ourselves fearing for our lives and reflecting on everything we’ve done. Or maybe it’s just me. I’m a sucker for the dark side” (review by Fishead, quoted in Digitalworldnet catalog 2003).

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