Praxis 20th Anniversary Party in Berlin @ Köpi – November 24th

At the end of November and the beginning of December 1992 the first two releases on Praxis were officially released. This means the label turns 20 this autumn!

DJ YUBBA // Praxis 12

live visuals by SANSCULOTTE // and LAIN //

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Somatic Responses
Somatic Responses really don’t need an introduction – The brothers John and Paul Healy from Wales started making tracks and their first records in the mid nineties with a distinctive brand of industrial hardcore, soon branching out into other fields of hard electronics, dark ambient and experimental electronica. One of their first records was the classic „Post-Organic EP“ (Praxis 18), other contributions to the Praxis catalogue are the massive „Incubation“ on the Dead By Dawn (Praxis 23) compilation, the collaboration with Christoph Fringeli as Potere Occulto (Praxis 25), as well as the collaboration with ADC on „Teatrodellopera EP“ (Praxis 41).
Since the early days they have become one of the UK’s most prolific acts in experimental electronica.


The Kovert project began in 1994 as a pirate radio show on Chillin’ FM. Broadcast weekly from the heights of East London, the show offered a varied diet of dark electronics.
Having djed for 4years prior to Chillin’, and influenced by the harder Detroit sounds, the early Chicago house sound, dark european hardcore, the UK rave/early jungle scene and the broken electronics of the Italians, it was only a matter of time before some ideas were recorded.
Experiments followed.
His first 12” was the momentous Shock Effect, released as Praxis 34. 6 tracks of harsh breaks, low end theory and shredding noise (love songs?).Conceived as anti-muzak, it asked: could distraction from the banal lead to increased participation in the everyday? Besides more releases on the Peace Off sub-label Damage, and the SMB offshoot Vinyl Weaponry and on Sonic Belligeranza, there was Jaffna pt 1&2 (Sub/Version 006) smashing the dance with an epic apocalyptic rave technique. Expect highly danceable critical noise from Kovert!



Pure has been making electronic music under different monikers since 1992. Working in the darker and heavier domains of the sonic universe he creates hypnotic, soundtrack-like sound pieces using a mix of electro-acoustic composition, sound synthesis, and live electronics.

A member of rave legends Ilsa Gold and running his own labels Loop and Atmosfear already, Pure and Christoph Fringeli combined forces on the first releases of Sub/Version, including the classic “Dark Star” and “Anti-Christ”.

Finally Pure released the 12” “Katharsis/King Kong Pt. 2” (Praxis 26) in 1999, which was followed by the double CD compilation “Body Hammer” (Praxis 26CD) which is a comprehensive anthology of his hardcore oriented material.


DJ Yubba

The mysterious DJ Yubba, at the time rumoured to be the “world’s fattest DJ” made only one appearance on vinyl, alongside Deviant on “The World’s Fattest Split” (Praxis 12, 1995) and then disappeared from the scene. Since then it has transpired that not only has he released many more records under different names, but also has been a member of the seminal and legendary outfits Disciples of Belial and Lorenz Attractor!

Added in the last minute to the line-up as super special guest, this will be a unique opportunity to see DJ Yubba in the 21st century!


Base Force One
Base Force One is the project of Praxis label founder Christoph Fringeli where he combines militant breakcore with noise and social comment, brought in with vocal snippets and the juxtaposition of antidromic sound strategies. The first release by Base Force One on Praxis was „Welcome To Violence“ (Praxis 27), a four track EP of sharp and hard breakcore and hardcore in 1997. His rele

ase on Still Raven „Expenditure of Excess Energy“ was a tribute to early Rave and ‘Ardkore, while “Dynamite & Fire” (Praxis 39) returned to a more militant but also experimental approach. Christoph will play a laptop live set with new material incorporating elements of older material from his Praxis and Sub/Version releases.


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  1. samira
    Posted November 23, 2012 at 7:16 pm | Permalink

    Hey Leute
    eure party morgen klingt hammer.
    wir würde gerne richtig mit euch abfeiern, konnten leider keine infos über tickets und eintrittspreis finden.

    müssen wir die tickets vorbestellen und was kosten diese?

    Liebe grüße

  2. the jackal
    Posted November 25, 2012 at 8:33 pm | Permalink

    just received via email:

    Happy birthday Praxis Records. 20 years

    With a fair amount of distance between me and the genre,
    i must admit being absolutely awestruck by the event on november 24th 2012.
    With almost no deeper preconceptions about possible happenings of the night the unsuspecting i enters ye olde temple of hardcore rather naively.
    Slowly creeping up on me are distant, hazy memories of parties past, my beloved sounds that once were my sole lifeforce.
    i don’t dare write „us“, but i cannot be the only one, i’m sure.

    Personally i have always missed out certain performances for reasons i should be ashamed of, same will go for parts of this night, regrettably.
    What i could take from it has moved me deeply and reinstated a belief in values, exemplary positve attitude, and integer musicianship that i had thought declined until completely lost.

    Often have i reflected on the history of (radical) dance music, i have fallen in love with it, learned to cherish it, held it close and didn’t let go, until realized it had changed a lot in ways i did not notice. Like a bad headache, i had to strip my life free of it again, to learn how a slow transformation had finally taken finally all of my feelings for it away again: the novelty, the excitement, the rush had all worn off and were stripped bare until perception left me with a dry, ambivalent nothingness. And it was dying so slowly. I can’t believe how many times i have tried and tried again to touch or feel it again, the shit i put up with.
    I don’t mean the „fun“ that’s gone, i know how to make „fun“ by myself.
    i’m talking about my deep rooted belief in an interesting sound system culture, hard electronic dance music with an edge, an ego-free team effort to pull something together that creates a profound experience, no fancy lights, no heavily decorated music overladen with gimmicky details.
    There are genres that might still function that way, but this is what i have in my heart, it’s what i always desired most. Uncompromisingly hard, straight hard breaks, w e l l p r o d u c e d, no dilly dally neither here nor there sort of stuff, that’s not really kicking, i dont mean melodic drum and bass basslines, i love that too, but that’s not what i’m talking about. No pop mashups, i mean the atmosphere of it.

    What i witnessed tonight was an absolutely stunning performance of two legendary teams combined with the power of 100% commited hardcore musicians who never ever bulged to compromise in any way, much to ours and their reward. I have not felt like this, oh i don’t know – let’s be uncompromising too…… when was the last time n o t h i n g in one night was total shit…. tough call, i don’t remember.

    I need to thank all individuals involed very very much for what they have done.
    Top! You are the best! May i boldly speak and say hardcore will never die!
    To the next 20 years, and the infinite future beyond. Don’t ever stop, document yourselves. (Buy lot’s of Datacide magazines! No apartment should be without.)

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