0bleak: Alligator Flavor Crocodile Bile 4 (The Last Pour) – Exclusive new DJ Mix premieres Sunday Nov. 12

Join us for the premiere of an epic and cutting-edge mix featuring artists from a number of different regions of the world in a sonic adventure that captures the zeitgeist and transcends genre with its range of sounds and styles from East and South Africa to North America, from Near East to Far East.

While the mix remains cohesive, it contains music as diverse as a South African gqom artist remixing an experimental artist from China, to Iranian-Canadian brothers Mohammad and Mehdi Mehrabani collaborating with Eomac from Ireland, to the group SŌN re-imagining the music of avant-garde Indonesian duo, Senyawa.
However, before you go on this ride, be forewarned: Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise!

PREMIERE via Noise & Politics on YouTube at 8pm (Berlin, Paris), 7pm (London), 2pm (New York), 11am (Portland, San Francisco). Live chat will be on!

The mix will also be available on the Praxis Soundcloud and 0bleak’s Mixcloud and Hearthis.

0bleak’s mix is now also available on the Praxis SoundCloud

Thanks to Saxenhammer for the Drawing on the Thumbnail.

Please share on your socials!

Our LINKTREE feat. our various web sites and social media.

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New Series of Exclusive DJ Mixes started with brand new mix by Saxenhammer

Very happy to announce the beginning of a new series of DJ mixes published via our YouTube and SoundCloud channels – the first one with the one and only Saxenhammer, providing a mix of mutant techno and experimental beats. Check it out here on YouTube:

Or here on SoundCloud:

Watch out for the next instalment of the DJ Mix series with 0bleak coming up mid-November!

Mixes are exclusive to Praxis for the YouTube and SoundCloud channels, but can also appear on the artist own channels (such as MixCloud, hearthis, audio.com etc.)

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re:focus @ Lauschangriff 05-10-2023 in Berlin

re:focus #15 takes place next Thursday 

05-10-2023 in Berlin


The line-up:


Vinyl Vandal





Experimental electronics – breakcore – noise

See you there 


Rigaer Straße 103

10247 Berlin

Doors open 8.00pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+

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re:focus @ Lauschangriff 07-09-2023 in Berlin

re:focus #14 takes place next Thursday 

07-09-2023 in Berlin


The line-up:

CRI & linxi B2B



Christoph Fringeli


Experimental electronics – breakcore – noise

See you there 🙂


Rigaer Straße 103

10247 Berlin

Doors open 8.30pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+

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The Molehill Report #12 – Dan Hekate Interview; Skin & Speech; Controlled Weirdness; Stewart Home

The Molehill Report #12 is online now

Welcome to the episode 12 of THE MOLEHILL REPORT

A monthly video newsletter covering activities and perspectives from Praxis Records, Datacide Magazine, Molehill Publishing and other associated projects, presented by Christoph Fringeli.

We took a little break in the spring and summer, but now we’re back with monthly shows.

August 2023:

We present excerpts of an interview with Dan Hekate aka The Wirebug, there are two recent releases in the Praxis Digital Remix Series, Alex Buess has relaunched Skin & Speech Recordings, Controlled Weirdness presents his new podcast “Tales from a Disappearing City”, Stewart Home has a new book out and Sozialistischer Plattenbau has re-issued Kovert’s Hybrid Riddim.

Watch the full interview with Dan Hekate here: (Link will be posted shortly – the video will go online in the coming week)

Music: Base Force One: The Point of No Return (Remix by Nihil Fist) , PraxisX4

Base Force One: Welcome to Violence (Remix by Alex Buess), PraxisX5 Available now on bandcamp: https://praxisrecords.bandcamp.com

Kovert: Hybrid Riddim (Dubcore Volume 5), Sozialistischer Plattenbau, SPB7013

YouTube Links:

Dan Hekate

Controlled Weirdness on clubbing and warehouse parties in London in the 80s and in New York.



The Molehill Report #12 was produced in March-August 2023 in Berlin by CF and Linxi at the Psychic Defence studio.

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re:focus @ Lauschangriff 03-08-2023 in Berlin


re:focus #13 takes place next Thursday 

03-08-2023 in Berlin


The line-up:



Heinrich at Hart vs. Goner

DJ Controlled Weirdness

Christoph Fringeli


Experimental electronics – breakcore – noise

See you there 🙂


Rigaer Straße 103

10247 Berlin

Doors open 8.30pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+

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Praxis Shop Open Every Thursday during July 2023 – EXTENDED TILL SEPTEMBER

The Praxis Shop space will be open every Thursday this month from 4-7pm. So no need to make an appointment, just come round 🙂



Check the online store an overview of the available stocks:


Praxis Records & Books

Weidenweg 45

(Corner of Weidenweg/Eckerstrasse)

10249 Berlin

Nearest Tram M10/21: Bersarinplatz

Nearest Underground: Frankfurter Tor

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Base Force One: Welcome to Violence (Remix by Alex Buess)

Artist: Base Force One
Remix: Alex Buess
Title: Welcome to Violence
Label: Praxis
Series: Praxis Digital Remix Series
Catalog Number: PraxisX5
Release Date: 01-07-2023

Digital cover art for PraxisX5

Brand new remix by Alex Buess (16-17, Melx, Cortex) of the breakcore classic Welcome to Violence by Base Force One from 1997, originally released on Praxis 27. Yet another massive track in the Praxis Digital Remix Series!

SoundCloud Player for PraxisX5
YouTube player for PraxisX5
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New in the Shop: Abelcain album, 16-17 live LP

A quick look at a couple of new vinyl releases in the Praxis Shop. Both of these you are at the time of writing unlikely to find in many other places. The first is the album Heart Blood Steel by Abelcain & Alexandra von Bolz’n which finally finds a release on vinyl via Abundanz Records from Berlin as a double LP. Abelcain will of course be a familiar name to many of you with his releases on Addict, Low Res and Zhark International. The latter released his classic Pantheon of Fiends album in 2005. Heart Blood Steel was recorded not so much later, but was at first only released as a digital release in 2015. Rather than the refined breakcore of Pantheon of Fiends, here we find hard breakcore fused with influences from dark ambient to grindcore on 14 accomplished tracks with the vocals of Alexandra von Bolz’n. Check it out!


The second record is 16-17’s Live @ Taktlos 1995 LP, co-released by Skin & Speech and Plattfon Records from Basel Switzerland. Hot on the heels of the first vinyl release of their classic album Gyatso originally from 1994, this is another milestone of 16-17 in the 1990s. While Gyatso had been a CD-only release at the time on Kevin Martin’s Pathological label, rereleased in 2008 also as a CD on Savageland – we finally put out the first vinyl edition in 2021 as a collaboration of Praxis and Skin & Speech. Live @ Taktlos in contrast has never been released before. Now available as a wild “official bootleg” with the then-new line-up of Alex Buess, Damian Bennett, Michael Wertmüller. Includes the three tracks that were included in the presale of the Gyatso digital album as part of the amazing live set.


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Charts 2022 – Sales and Plays.

Charts 2022 – Sales and Plays. A bit late, but more detailed than ever before!

Physical Sales 2022 in the Praxis Online Shop, PRAXISRECORDS Discogs, Praxis Distribution, and Bandcamp Merch)

  1. Pure: King Kong Pt.2 / Katharsis (Praxis 26RP)
  2. Nihil Fist: Sado Arab (Cathartic Noize Experience X-021)
  3. Death Cascade: Preternal Surcease (Cathartic Noize Experience X-019)
  4. Sadistic: Lasers, Oscillations and Transient Flashes (Cathartic Noize Experience X-020)
  5. The Future is Cancelled T-Shirt (Praxis_Future-Shirt)
  6. EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS – a decade of noise & politics: datacide magazine 1-10 (Molehill Publishing ISBN 978-3-948332-01-3)
  7. V/A: Bush Lion EP (Yaya23 Records, YAYA026)
  8. 16-17: Gyatso (Praxis 59/s+s001)
  9. Lawrencium: A Cyber Story (Terrornoize Industry, TNI32)
  10. V/A: Operation Basis Reality (Yaya23 Records, YAYA025)
  11. Messias: Quantum Future Proclamation (Underground Perversions Records, UPR013)
  12. Pure: Bodyhammer 2xCD (Praxis 26CD)
  13. Base Force One: Expenditure of Excess Energy (Still Raven 003)
  14. CNE-Shirt (SpeedBreakFlashNoise) (Cathartic Noize Experience, CNE-Shirt4)
  15. Prole Sector N1 (Praxis 52)
  16. Amboss: Vision (Praxis 53)
  17. V/A: Inner City Fear – Special Request #1 Rewind Series (Sozialitsicher Plattenbau, SPB12043)
  18. TeKnoizer, Tankorr [013]: Alien Entities (Yaya23 Records, YAYA003RP)
  19. Datacide Eighteen (Datacide 18)
  20. Hammer Bros & Smiley Slayers: Collateral Murder EP (Terrornoize Industry, TNI33)

Digital Sales – Praxis Bandcamp

  1. Cortex: Beware of the Arm of Flesh (praxis_digital_01000)
  2. 16-17: Gyatso (Praxis 59/S+S001)
  3. Nomex & Scud: Maschinenbau EP (Praxis 56)
  4. Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure: Dark Star/Anti-Christ (Sub/Version 012)
  5. Bourbonese Qualk: Autonomia (Praxis 5)
  6. 16-17: The Pandemic Wargames Remixes (Praxis 58)
  7. DJ Scud: Strong Back/Heavy Duty (Sub/Version 009)
  8. Noize Creator: The Future is Cancelled (Praxis 51)
  9. 20 Years of Praxis (Praxis 20)
  10. Base Force One: Welcome to Violence (Praxis 27)
  11. Metatron: Speed and Politics (Praxis 4)
  12. Somatic Responses: Post-Organic (Praxis 18)
  13. 16-17: Mechanophobia (Praxis 31)
  14. Nomex: Trocante Gramofony EP (Praxis 33)
  15. Amboss: Vision (Praxis 53)
  16. Society of Unknowns (Praxis 24)
  17. Electric Kettle: News From Berlin (Praxis 50)
  18. Scaremonger EP (Praxis 1)
  19. DJ Jackal: Drumtrax (Praxis 9)
  20. Noirodyn: Construct Deconstruct (Praxis 54CD)

Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Youtube; tracks and mixes

  1. Christoph Fringeli & Pure: Dark Star
  2. Cortex: The Machinic Phylum
  3. 16-17: Attack->Impulse
  4. Noize Creator: Who I Am
  5. Cortex: Beware!
  6. Amboss: Vision Two
  7. Pure & Christoph Fringeli: Anti-Christ
  8. Scud & Nomex: Total Destruction
  9. Nomex & Scud: Eurostar
  10. 16-17: Motor
  11. Cortex: Usu
  12. 20 Years of Praxis
  13. Cortex: Beware! Beware! of the Big Green Dragon That Sits on Your Doorstep
  14. La Peste: Safety First
  15. Metatron: Men Who Hate the Law
  16. Pure: Kong Kong
  17. The Wirebug: Fungus Covered Dreams
  18. Cortex: Mechanophobia
  19. Bourbonese Qualk: 2 C’s in a K
  20. Slaughter Politics – Forest Fire

Datacide: Most read articles in 2022 on datacide-magazine.com

  1. Ross Wolfe: Marxism Contra Justice (Datacide 18)
  2. Controlled Weirdness: You’re too Young to Remember the Eighties – Dancing in a Different Time (Datacide 10)
  3. Christoph Fringeli: Anti-Semitism from Beyond the Grave – Muslimgauze’s Jihad (Datacide 9)
  4. Christoph Fringeli: Battlenoise! – On the Ideology of “Martial Industrial” Music (Book Review in Datacide 10)
  5. Christoph Fringeli: François Genoud – The life of a Swiss Banker and Fascist Anti-Imperialist (Datacide 10)
  6. Strelnikov: Just Say Non: Nazism, Narcissism and Boyd Rice (Almanac for Noise & Politics 2015)
  7. Neil Transpontine: Revolt of the Ravers – The Movement against the Criminal Justice Act in Britain 1993-95 (Datacide 13)
  8. John Eden: “They Hate Us, We Hate Them” – Resisting Police Corruption and Violence in Hackney in the 1980s and 1990s (Datacide 14)
  9. Christoph Fringeli: COIL – Interview from 1986 plus Introduction (Datacide 9)
  10. Christoph Fringeli: Ernst Jünger’s “Waldgang” (Datacide 11)
  11. Jo Burzynska: What the Fuck? – Operation Spanner (Datacide 2)
  12. National Action neo-Nazi Terror Group: Connections to Neofolk Scene (Datacide online exclusive)
  13. Neil Transpontine: Spiral Tribe – Interview with Mark Harrison (Datacide 13)
  14. Stewart Home: WE MEAN IT MAN: Punk Rock and Anti-Racism – or, Death In June not Mysterious (Datacide 7)
  15. Stewart Home: Dope smuggling, LSD manufacture, organised crime & the law in 1960s London (Datacide 10)
  16. Howard Slater: Godard – The Child of Marx & Coca-Cola (Datacide 8)
  17. Strelnikov: Siege Mentality – Mason, Manson, Moynihan: On the Fringes of the American Nazi Movement (Datacide 16)
  18. Howard Slater: ‘Comrade Doctor’ – On David Cooper and ‘Anti-Psychiatry’ (Datacide 16)
  19. Christoph Fringeli: From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Martial Industrial (Datacide 11)
  20. Christoph Fringeli: Interview with Mark Newlands / Bloody Fist (Datacide 3)

YouTube Videos
(only actual videos, not counting the audio-only uploads which are included in the “Streaming” Charts)

  1. The Molehill Report #1 – Riccardo Balli; Launch of The Molehill Report
  2. Full Interview with Peter Votava, aka Pure / Current 909 / Ilsa Gold
  3. The Molehill Report #9 – Nihil Fist interview; Noface remix by Base Force One
  4. Full Interview with Nihil Fist
  5. The Molehill Report #4 – Hekate Sound System Anniversary; Future is Cancelled T-Shirt
  6. The Molehill Report #2 – Controlled Weirdness Pt. 1; Cortex digital release on Praxis
  7. Dan Hekate aka The Wirebug live at Hekate 25th Anniversary Party in Lyon 25-03-2022
  8. The Molehill Report #6 – Hakim Bey / Peter Lamborn Wilson / TAZ
  9. The Molehill Report #3 – Pure Interview, Praxis Youtube is now Noise & Politics, Datacide 11 Reprint
  10. Les Trolls live at Hekate 25th Anniversary Party in Lyon 25-03-2022
  11. Controlled Weirdness: You’re too Young to Remember the Eighties (Full Interview)
  12. C_C live at Hekate 25th Anniversary Party in Lyon 25-03-2022
  13. The Molehill Report #7 – re:focus event series in Berlin; Praxis 26 re-press
  14. The Molehill Report #8 – sansculotte Interview; Everything Else is Even More Ridiculous
  15. The Molehill Report #5 – Controlled Weirdness pt.2 – New York; re:focus; new Datacide website
  16. Nihil Fist Live at Praxis Label Night 2005 (Hirscheneck Basel)
  17. Cortex feat. Stelarc at JOLT TERRAINS festival Basel 11-11-11 – edited video version
  18. Controlled Weirdness: Journeys in the Naked City – Adventures in New York Before the Rain
  19. Nomex Live at Make It Up Club Melbourne 2011
  20. Rust – Hekate 25th Anniversary Event (pt.2) in Lyon 26-03-2022 – Trailer
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