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Out today is the first in a new series of remixes – the track One Space by Prole Sector from his 2014 N1 EP (Praxis 52) gets the remix treatment by Dead Noise System. Now available via our bandcamp. One Space Remix by Dead Noise System (PraxisX1) by Prole Sector

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Malfunction (praxis_digital_00101) by Low Entropy Low Entropy Malfunction Released 01-09-2018 on bandcamp. Artwork by Lynx Following his amazing 12″ ‘Anarcho-Psychotic’ (Praxis 36), there was talk of an album or double 12″ as a follow up. Somehow this never happened… until now. The original tracks – produced around 2002 – are finally released on praxis_digital!

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Psyborg (praxis_digital_00100) by Noirodyn

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Wake (praxis_digital_00011) by Bulkrate Originally released via the Praxis Bandcamp on July 1st. 2018

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´╗┐Eyes of Ages (Praxis_digital_00010) by Noirodyn

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