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As the first edition of FFB was over all expectations, it seemed obvious that we had to shoot again. Once more we focused on bringing a battery of cabled live PA´s and overclocked processors over 2 floors, ranging from Acid/Techno to Hardcore/Breakcore passing by Industrial, Electro and Hard Dnb. Artists from the Netherlands, France, Belgium, […]

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21-09-2012: Audiodrome meets Void Tactical Media @ Kili, Wiesenweg 5-9, Berlin   Not a Praxis/Datacide event, but Christoph Fringeli, Electric Kettle, Nemeton, Grr (who has a digital release on Sub/Version) and Darkam (a comic will appear in the next Datacide) will be playing, along with Dimentia, Split Horizon, Key, Sim On Korfunkle, plus decos from […]

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31-03-12 Sanne’s Industrial hardcore breakcore B-DAY!!!!!! from 20p.m. warm up at Cagliostro LeNbachstr. 10 f’shain from 23.59 Audiodrome party at Kili (wiesenweg 5-9) Performance by HIPSICK UNUSUAL THEATRE (Holland) The audience can’t find words to express this experience, but their facial expressions are obvious. An exceptional spectacle for true fans of the art of expression. […]

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Some new titles in the (soon to be re-designed) Praxis Online Shop: It’s been out for a while, but very very obscure… the Meier Und Erdmann self-released 7″. A creative mixture of electronica, dubstep with guitar and clarinet. And another wicked 7″ – this time more hardcore oriented by Grr who recently released the the […]

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NoiseAngriff is free to get in – but since we need to generate some modest funds to run it, we figured we offer something in return for your voluntary donation. So anyone giving one euro or more at tomorrows (or todays, depending when you read this) event will receive a download code to get the […]

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