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Cyberrise return to Vienna for their yearly free party at the EKH, starting Friday 26-02-2016, and this time with Praxis doing the second floor on Saturday night (27-02)! The PRAXIS floor will have 2/5 BZ, Aekre, Ari Nev, Christoph Fringeli, Crash 0.1 a.k.a. Mr. Damned,¬†Eiterherd, Franz Rasputin, Johnny Weissbrot, Lynx, and Zombieflesheater. It will be […]

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take core about the 20th anniversary of PRAXIS records Lineup: BASE FORCE ONE /ger/ ZOMBIEFLESHEATER /ger/ KOVERT /uk/ EITERHERD /at/ SEPIX /at/ JAQUES PRELL /at/ CORPSFUCKA /at/ uvm… 2nd floor hostet by SOUNDKASTEN

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