Richard H. Kirk / Cabaret Voltaire tribute mix by Christoph Fringeli

Produced for Herr Kartina’s show 20|30 Resampling the Future on Radio Forte (all shows can also be found on transmitted first on October 23rd, this is a tribute to Richard H. Kirk who died last month. Kirk was was part of the Sheffield industrial pioneers Cabaret Voltaire since their inception in 1973 until they disbanded in 1994. He had a plethora of solo projects and recently adopted the name of Cabaret Voltaire again for his last albums.

Needless to say my selection of tracks is highly subjective and focuses largely on the seminal material from ca. 1978-82 that was also deeply influential on my own understanding of noisy rhythmic music. To give justice to his whole oeuvre would have demanded much more of an hour long mix. Besides Cabaret Voltaire material I added some of his earlier solo material as well as a Sweet Exorcist track from 1990 that again saw him at the pulse of what was going on at the time. I left out most of the later material, but framed the mix with elements of his last release BN9Drone (2021). Besides this latter track all tracks were played from vinyl.

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