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Pitchless Radio
tramples through history like nomad horse tribes armed with drum machines and
synths for your listening pleasure on iLL FM this Wednesday 25th May from 20:00 –
Midnight (ish).

Tune in at
How To Purchase Alprazolam Online


SPOQ – live in
Prague 2010

Recorded at Wakata bar in Prague in November 2010, this
is SPOQ in the mix after returning from some travels. This one is super chilled
and was designed for a Saturday night bar situation, so put your feet up and
settle down for some heavy sofa surfing as we ease into tonight’s session.

** ***

Kovert –
Detroit 1990-92 DJ mix

It’s something we’ve been speaking about over the last
couple of years – a shared love of the early Underground Resistance / Hardwax
etc axis of banging Detroit proto hardcore. Kovert sampled Underground
Resistance’s X-101 on his ‘No Surrender’ track for the Praxis USA compilation
released on Deadly Systems in 2000. UR presented a militant and independent
mode of operating that was not determined by personalities and tap dancing for
the man, and shifted the content and stage of operations inhabited by Public
Enemy into the sphere of techno music, situating resistance frequencies in
local communities, outer space, inner space, the elements, and across the
planet in oft forgotten flashpoints in ‘history’. The music that was put out with
great focus and rapidity on UR by Mike Banks, Jeff Mills, Rob Hood, and others
had a big impact on a lot of producers and individuals oriented toward
resistance activities coming out of the 1980s into the nascent terra technic –
when it seemed possible to foment revolution and autonomous activity through
electronic music and free spaces. And now? On the European mainland and even as
recently as the recent urban disturbances in London and Bristol, electronic
dance music has been used as a kinetic force electrifying crowds to action…

** ***

History of Gabba – Hangars Liquides (label)

./. This month’s history of
|gabba0hard/speed00/ultra000/|*c0re has been hijacked by Dave Pitchless,
presenting a clarification of a perspective on flashcore ./. and now with free
misinterpretations of lingual symbolisms. [0-0] In the line of sight this month
is a celebration of hangars liquides, ./. which an attempt at summing up could
look like …- [0-0] – … “We are actually much more interested in any
action on air molecules that widens the field of consciousness than into music
thought as an end in itself.”[0-0]./.

** ***

Mark P – BadMan

Mark P unloads some bass for you to get active. ‘Operation
BadMan Time Is Ending’ a gwan… Let’s go!

** ***

As ever you can log into the chat room to delight and
inspire at Buying Xanax In Australia

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