Datacide Seventeen

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Datacide Seventeen
Released in November 

News & Updates

Nemeton: Political News
Christoph Fringeli: G20 in Hamburg Roundup
Neil Transpontine: Lewisham ‘77 – Myth and Anti-Fascist History
Clive Acid: Dictating Democracy

Jo Burzynska: Memoirs of a Woman of Extreme Pleasures – Cosey Fanni Tutti Book Review and exclusive Interview
Howard Slater: Unparaphraseable Life – Notes on Third Cinema
Mme Tlank /Clinical Wasteman: Down with Childhood & Adulthood

Boris Souvarine: Black October (1927)
Giovanni Jervis: Psychiatrists and Politics (1967)

Book Review
Christoph Fringeli: Alexander Reid Ross: Against the Fascist Creep

Sansculotte: Overdosed

Records Reviews by Prole Sector, Nemeton, Christoph Fringeli, Hans-Christian Psaar

DJ Charts

a.a.a, dybbuk, Giulia Valenti, lesekill, Matthieu Bourel, Nevre

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