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Finally online! The great set by Dimentia at the 2016 fundraiser for Datacide at Køpi in Berlin. 27-08-2016. Full set now on the PRAXISRECORDS mixcloud.

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The new Praxis Webshop is online now . Help us test and improve it. Everything seems to be working, still many pictures missing and the design is basic, but many improvements are already implemented or on the way. Everyone has to make a new account (even if you had one in the old shop). Feedback […]

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Bulkrate’s 2018 mini-album is now also available on our Youtube channel! check the discography page HERE

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YaYa23 records invites all audiophile navigators for a winter days jamming night on friday 22nd of february with an international line up. ᴿᴼᴼᴹ 1: YaYa23 Floor : ⚙ fgnugn _ // soundscaping drone noize //_ dj ⚙ Control Delete _ (Secret Sessions//ATNT) dj ⚙ ENKO (v.i.e.s. / obs.cur)_ live ⚙ I.N.D. _ (hangar […]

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The first praxis_digital release from 2013 was Noirodyn’s Infradesigns. Here’s another upload to our youtube channel with the new cover design.

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Party in Budapest at Fészek Kulturális Központ! Fb event

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Now added to the Praxis YouTube channel: the second release in the praxis_digital series from 2016 by Noirodyn, titled Eyes of Ages.

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As the psycho – social – conditioning toughens in 2019, re-calibrate with a frequency shift on a YaYa23 Records label night. Friday 25-01-2019 at Kulturhaus Kili, Wiesenweg 5-9, Berlin (Ostkreuz or Frankfurter Allee), starts 23h… till well into the next day! ᴿᴼᴼᴹ 1: YaYa23 || Audio Navigators: ⎆ dj Pult (do not dance)⎆ ´bat´art´ (Koncept […]

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THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE IS ON. DE//US//IT//NL//BE//FR//PL//TR united to give tribute to the real Hardcore&Gabber old true school of darkness and celebrating GHETTO G aka UNPROFESSIONAL’s 30 YRS ANNIVERSARY. NOVOLINE aka JackWolfSkin special Gabber edition (LIVE) NIHIL FIST (LIVE) [He is back!] ANNA BOLENA [special 90s obscurities]TZII [The dark side of France]Dj Exotic Thoriental Tax [The dark side […]

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