Davros/Unibomber: The Final Amiga 500 Battle 2x12"

Davros/Unibomber: The Final Amiga 500 Battle 2x12"

Label: Noizetek
Format: 2x12 inch Vinyl

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Davros (aka Abelcain) returns to Noizetek, this time in direct battle with the mighty Unibomber! The inspiration for this release came from their “Final Amiga Battle” live set which was performed at the now legendary Schizophrenia show in the U.S.A. Creating the entire record using only the Commodore Amiga home computer, Davros and Unibomber showcase their own viscous blend of industrial hardcore and splintered broken beats with that unmistakable 8-bit crunch!
Davros takes over the first vinyl with his Doctor Who inspired harsh beat trickery. Opting for the full on gabba approach, you know you are going to be in for one hell of a treat. No let up from start to finish, this record will destroy sound-systems the world over!
Unibomber does the honours for the second slab in this double whammy with his first official material in ten years!! Pure, unadulterated, mid-west hardcore - Unibomber shows why he is such a hero in his native U.S.A and lays down some of the most brutal tracks he has produced thus far. Limited to only 500 copies worldwide, you better act fast, or face extermination!!!!

A1 - Davros: Battle Intro (1:26)

A2 - Davros: Exterminate The Unibomber (3:35)

A3 - Davros: Stupid Primitive Machine (3:00)

A4 - Davros: No Future (1:53)

B1 - Davros: The User (5:52)

B2 - Davros: Only Amiga (3:57)

C1 - Unibomber: Battle Intro (1:23)

C2 - Unibomber: Amiga 500 Home Computer (4:38)

C3 - Unibomber: Popular Demand (4:09)

D1 - Unibomber: Breaktrain (5:08)

D2 - Unibomber: Schizophrenia (5:14)

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