Hecate: Seven Veils of Silence 12" & 7"

Label: Zhark International
Format: 12 inch Vinyl

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The dark lady is back, and she's getting better and better with every
record. Ascension Chamber was a different step in her production, this Seven
Veils Of Silence is an excellent follow-up, and it's even more fascinating.
It doesn't sound breakcore anymore, there are only some jungle breaks here
and there but they don't affect the dark rarefied atmoshpere of the album.
There are a lot of oriental influences instead, like horns, chants and
percussions, mixed with buzzing bass and clicky electronics. The overall
sound is gloomy, menacing and claustrophobic, emphasized by the
apocalyptical landscape of the artwork.

The "Veil" tracks are beatless interludes between more rhythmical pieces,
some of them could be even used as bizarre dancefloor tunes. "Nest of
Vipers" features some serious bass, "All Night" causes an earthquake with
rattling percussions, "Desecration of the Baptist" and "Where Is Your Lord
Now?" are weird Arabian-dancehall hybrids, "Black as Silence" shows some
drilling drums and towards the end comes the one I rate as the highest
moment on the entire CD; "Succumb Unto The Rapture." It's a thrilling death
march that features hellish vocals from Rachael Kozak herself. Obscure and
esoteric, it's a valid alternative to satanic death-metal. Joking apart,
Seven Veils Of Silence defines a genre on its owns, a kind of fiendish
electronic you won't find elsewhere.

The vinyl version of the excellent album (CD came out on Hymen and is also available from us) with a total of 7 tracks on a 12" and 7" package:

1st Veil: Desert Capure

All Night (Scarce of Breathe mix)

Nest of Vipers

Black as Silence

Where Is Your Lord Now? (7")

Succumb Unto the Rapture (7")

Beautiful packaging, a must for DJ's and collectors alike.

here's an interview with Hecate concerning this release: http://c8.com/c8/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3636

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