V/A: Accretion EP

Label: Darkmatter

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The fourth release on Darkmatter, the label of the LA based sound system, brings together some of their key producers: Minion, Poxxe, Fiend, Resurrector plus scratch samples from Baseck. A download code is included which will get you two extra tracks from WMX and Wet Mango.

A1 Minion Hard Times 4:13
A2 Poxxe Gout Attack 5:46
B1 Fiend NOize StEp 4:58
B2 Resurrector Bad Trip 4:38
B3 Baseck Scratch Samples 1:06
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From: Datacide Magazine 12.11.2012 15:42

DM12004 reviewed in Datacide 12 by Zombieflesheater

Four hammering tunes from Minion, Poxxe, Fiend and Resurrector and scratch samples from Baseck. You get 2 bonus tracks from WMX and Wet Mango when you use the download code that comes with the vinyl release or download just the files if you prefer digital over vinyl. Minion made a hard drum & bass influenced top notch breakcore track, Poxxe follows with a storming metallic crashing tune that goes totally berzerk. on the other side, Fiend gives us his idea of Dubstep, dirty, noisy, distorted and far away from the usual stuff. Resurrector ends this fine release with industrial broken beats that is like a summary of the rest of the record. highly recommended.

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