Amboss: Kompressorwahn/Avenida Paulista

Amboss: Kompressorwahn/Avenida Paulista

Label: Sub_Version
Format: 12 inch Vinyl

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The most relentless Sub/Version release so far! Two mighty tracks combining a wall of sound with rave hyper-energy.
Side A "Kompressorwahn" kicks off with stepping tension-oriented rave-esque melodies quickly culminating in the most extreme pounding beats that throttle your nerves and whip the dancefloor into a frenzy with no end in sight. Amboss keeps up the pressure with the side B track titled "Avenida Paulista" in which hard industrial effects, intense frequencies and relentless beats are pushed to the limit. Deemed to be "too hard" for some, Sub/Version 014 by Amboss demolishes all other drum and bass tracks around thus demonstrating the possibilities for further explorations in hybrid extreme sounds. Additional items from Sub_Version

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