V/A: Amalgam

V/A: Amalgam

Format: 12 inch Vinyl

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Seven Samurai continues with its mission of melding the most intense sound elements of different genres together in the compilation EP “Amalgam”. The record starts off with slamming beats and dark synth signatures in the track “Fuck You” produced in 1999 by Disruptor of the Mortal Bass Crew in London. Noize Punishment pushes the intensity further in his remix of Schizoid in “Nihilusion” – an immediate crescendo of hard hitting beats, distorted vocals, and punk rhythms. On the flipside is Ashtar-DXD – a dynamic remix of the track “Black Minded Girl” originally performed by the Dresden band Todi. “Desolation Coax” by label-founder Fobia finishes off the record through a harsh experiment of breaks and melodies – a musical indictment against alienation and the rampant abuse of power that restricts creativity and curtails the fulfillment of basic human needs. The “Amalgam EP” expands musical boundaries through a compilation of four extreme dance-floor tracks.

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