Spectre: The Last Shall Be First

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SMALL BUT HARD RECORDINGS is honored to present the latest output from SKIZ FERNANDO, aka “SPECTRE THA ILL SAINT”. Ranking as an O.G. in the world of abstract beats, SPECTRE was forged as an antidote to the commercial bullshit...a ghost rising from a rotting corpse, holding up a mirror to our diseased and disaffected society.

Through imprint WORDSOUND, Fernando worked tirelessly to document some of the greats of the underground scene. Simultaneously he has become a master in his own right, releasing 10 full-length albums, constantly upping the ante on experimentation and innovation.

For his 20th anniversary in the game, he joins forces with Berlin's SMALL BUT HARD crew. THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST, displays Fernando's prowess and unique approach in a record that is forward-facing, yet utterly timeless in style.

Spectre’s intrepid output doesn’t neatly fit into any category or scene, remaining a mighty force unseen, but heard throughout the cosmos.

1.) Enter The Holy Terror 
2.) The Anunnanki’s Return 
3.) Blofeld’s Theme (Ill Saint Remix) 
4.) Darkstep7 
5.) Perseverance 
6.) Osiris Rising 
7.) Jamrock 
8.) Kush 
9.) Wipe Out 
10.) Last

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