Ruby My Dear: Balloon

Label: Kaometry
Format: 12 inch Vinyl

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The Balloon EP sees French artist Julien Chastagnol return with another superb four-track journey of finely crafted breakcore which is in turns dense and brutal then delicate and spacious, insular and thoughtful then charming and playful. 
From the moment the mournful opening chords of 'No Smoke' are swiftly disrupted by a whirlwind of dark amen shards you know it's going to be an eventful ride. A massively present bottom-end punctuates with a combination of powerful punches and graceful glides throughout the piece offering an earthy context between the contemplation and the fury. 
'Nour' brings a wistful mood to the fore, featuring an impressively dynamic composition of emotive melodies and rapid-fire drum patterns, underpinned by sub sweeps which feel immense yet never pull focus. On the more playful 'Hat and Beard', the characteristic splintered drum-work of Ruby My Dear displays a more spacious and rhythmically diverse arrangement, seemingly unafraid to fall apart entirely through spiralling effects before snapping back into focus with refreshed drive and intent. 
'Peanuts on Train' sets forth on the final leg of the adventure, immediately conjuring the feel of 70s synth ambience and sound-track work. However this illusion is soon torn apart by an onslaught of insanely manic yet never abrasive drums, bass and arpeggios. As the pressure continuously mounts, neurofunk growls and hardcore/jungle-style vocal drops lend the track surprisingly mainstream dance-floor allusions, but without for one moment losing the unique emotional inertia and rhythmic immediacy of the whole EP, thus bringing the story to a close on a high and courageous note.


released December 14, 2015 

All tracks written, recorded and produced by Julien Chastagnol. 
Mastered at Calyx Mastering. 
Artwork by Darkam. 
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