Noirodyn: Construct Deconstruct

Label: Praxis
Format: CD

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A new full length CD album by Noirodyn, aka Vile Enginez.

Fernando Narvàez Perez has so far mainly made his mark under his Vile Enginez monicker with a debut on Zhark International from 2004 and several releases on the Praxis sublabel Sub/Version, both on vinyl and digital. The project mutated into Noirodyn with a first digital-only release for Praxis in 2013 titled Infradesigns. Immediately it was evident that Fernando was applying his production skills to a more varied sound but regularly returning to slamming beats and far-out noise constructions making Noirodyn the logical continuation and development of Vile Enginez.

Construct Deconstruct contains 16 new tracks ranging from slower grooves to hectic intensifications arranged into a continuous mix, showing his creative energies at a peak.

Coverart by Sansculotte.

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