V/A: J O L T F e s t i v a l B a s e l Live Compilation

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This is a double format release consisting of black vinyl LP with 320kb/FLAC download code and the CD for extra long play with bonus tracks and full versions.

JOLT-Festival Basel is an interdisciplinary art and music festival that tookplace November 7.-13. 2011 at Galerie Stampa und Gare Du Nord in Basel,Switzerland. The festival was curated by Daniel Buess and James Hullick in the spirit of JOLT Sonic Arts Inc. The non profit organisation JOLT SonicArts was founded by James Hullick with the aim to develop and implementsoundart-projects in the form of concerts, performances, installations, etc.After its establishment in its home town Melbourne, Australia it has moved onto become an international organization supported by a large network of localpromoters. Daniel Buess is one of the first of the kind to organise a JOLT Eventoutside of Australia.The Festival‘s aim was to present a broad spectrum of music from Switzerlandand Australia performed by top-class musicians wheareas collaborationswhere encouraged. Such as the swiss-australian noise-duo Buggatronic,a project by the electro/percussion duo CORTEX from Basel with theinternationally renowned multimedia and bodyperformance artist Stelarc fromAustralia and the Ensemble Phoenix Basel with a premiere by James Hullick.Furthermore the festival presented artist like Francisco Meirino, Herpes ÖDeluxe, Roy and the Devil‘s Motorcycle + Papiro, Die Welttraumforscher anda hip hop set by Ferocious41.Both promoters where inspired by a mutual tour of Japan where on a nightfive to seven sometimes stylistically very diverse bands are booked that usuallyplay short twenty to thirty minute sets. Buess and Hullick took this idea to thestage of JOLT Festval Basel.Alex Buess recorded the entire festival on multi track and meticulously editedthe material at his studio. Daniel Buess then selected the tracks for the JOLTFestival Basel Compilation.The festival displayed the prominent exponents of the respective genre. Thisresulted in a variety and diversity that became the outline of the festival andwhich is clearly reflected on this compilation: a unique survey of excitingmusic which through this record will remain so for a long time to come. 


A1 Cortex + Stelarc - Beware!

A2 Cortex + Stelarc - Beware of the Arm of Flesh!

A3 Ensemble Ph¦nix Basel + Cortex - Phylum (excerpt)

B1 Oren Ambarchi - Live (excerpt)

B2 Ferocious41 - The Drum Thing

B3 Roy and the Devil¹s Motorcycle + Papiro - Lay in the Sun


1 Cortex + Stelarc - Beware!

2 Cortex + Stelarc - Beware! Beware of the Big Green Dragon that Sits on Your Doorstep!

3 Cortex + Stelarc - Beware of the Arm of Flesh!

4 Ensemble Ph¦nix Basel + Cortex - Phylum (full version)

5 Carthage - TB / Start

6 Ferocious41 - Octopuss Lazyness / The Wife, the Husband and the Mole

7 Oren Ambarchi - Live (full version)

8 Roy and the Devil¹s Motorcycle + Papiro - You Better Run

9 Roy and the Devil¹s Motorcycle + Papiro - Six Pink Cadillac

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