Postal Strike Ended

The strike is finished now, but there may be some delays of packages as a consequence in the coming days.

POSTAL STRIKE IN GERMANY: Since June 8 the postal services are partially on strike. Initially this has only affected deliveries inside Germany. For this reason it has previously not affected deliveries of orders from this shop with the exception of single book or cd orders, since we are shipping records inside Germany with a different company.

Since June 24 the strike has been extended to international sorting centres which means that delays with orders shipped with the post are possible to happen.

Currently this can affect:

- small deliveries of CD's or books within Germany. Record orders and larger orders in general are not affected.

- European orders for up to 1kg = about 4 records or equivalent. larger orders should not be affected.

- any orders from outside of Europe.

This should only cause delays of a few days, if at all, but in case you were wondering why your order is taking longer than usual, this is likely to be the reason.

WE SUPPRT THE STRIKE as the postal company is trying to outsource various services to extremely badly paying companies, putting pressure on the workforce and their already low wages.

We kindly ask our customers for a few days more patience in the delivery time of their orders.


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