Ilsa Gold: Regretten? Rien!

Ilsa Gold: Regretten? Rien!

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They were the darlings of the young rave nation, the nightmare of investigative party journalism and, needless to say, the kings of scheiss-house: they were Ilsa Gold, Austria's legendary and probably most irritating contribution to the history of electronic music.

After only three excessive years, in 1996 Peter (aka DJ Pure) and Christopher Just decided to go their musical separate ways. Since then Christopher Just has ironized electronic dance music in the guise of Punk Anderson, Disco Dancer, and House Motherfucker, while DJ Pure has devoted his efforts to experimental electronica, for Mego among others.

Now in 2003 the influential oeuvre of Ilsa Gold is being celebrated in due and fitting extravagance. On a double CD, "Regretten? Rien!" documents the history of Vienna's most successful export article to the Rave Generation

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