Praxis Shop Newsletter End of 2016

2016 hasn't been the best year, so much most people we know agree... 

This is true politically and there will be the appropriate analysis in the upcoming issue of datacide (early 2017). But it is also true for the development of the Praxis label and shop. Not because things have gotten worse, but because they haven't gotten better. We were hoping to be able increase the number of new releases. We have a good ten concrete vinyl projects with sensational material - both old and new - but alas the funds that are necessary to realise these are lacking. So the process is slow: In 2016 we released one co-production with Low Res Records from Detroit, Adjust: Titan Remixes (LOW027), and one Praxis record proper, "Skin Craft" - RIND/NOL by Alex Buess and Daniel Buess (Praxis 55). The vinyl (re-)release of Praxis 5, the album Autonomia by Bourbonese Qualk - originally released on CD-only in 1993 - made it to the test pressing stage, but the actual release had to be moved to the new year. In the area of print productions a new issue of Datacide (15) and a new Almanac for Noise & Politics (2016)came out. The next issues of both periodicals as well as several book projects are in the works... 

A more detailed assessment of the year will be posted on our website in the next days.

In the meantime we solved a number of issues to do with the ordering process and postage calculation in our online shop:

Prices, Shipping and VAT - Lower Prices!!!

Some major changes/improvements to the way shipping and VAT is calculated in the Praxis online store.

  • VAT is now charged at the German rate of 7% (books) or 19% (records etc.) for customers inside the EU and is INCLUDED in the prices. Overall prices have NOT gone up for this reason and will in the future only be slightly and partially affected by the new situation.

  • This means that customers from outside the EU now have ex-VAT prices, which means all records just got 19% CHEAPER, all books 7%!

  • NEW BOOKS are now postage free within Germany!

  • The postage for combined orders of postage free items (e.g. issues of datacide) with regular items are now accurately calculated.

And while we're at it:

Support Datacide magazine with a subscription – only 12 euro for 3 issues including shipping to anywhere in the world. Only till 31-12-2016 (EUR 15 after)! - Check the banner towards the end of this newsletter.

And remember if you buy from this store you directly support the release of new exciting records and print productions. There's a lot we would like to realise in the next year - In this sense:

See you in 2017!


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