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Here we inform you regularly about news, new items, re-stocks as well as activities in and around the Praxis Record and Book store, both online and in our Berlin based "real" shop!

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Real life store in Berlin closing and moving

Praxis and Yaya23 are forced to close our shop after nearly 6 and 15 (!) years respectively. The juggernaut of gentrification is pummeling the last remaining autonomous holdouts in Berlin-Friedrichshain‘s Ostkreuz area.

Rising rents and new commercial and residential developments have already caused major shifts in the local population.
In our case these changes affect and severely curtail the possibilities of operating the paradoxical project that our shop is. Over the years we‘ve strived to create a meeting point and outlet for different types of experimental electronic and dance music, subversive ideas, networks, and self-published cultural creations.

Of course both projects will continue and with them the numerous connected projects like record labels, print creations, event organisation and sound system.

While we are now looking for new headquarters, we are still open at Lenbachstraße 9 until the end of September. The last event in our Countdown to Gentrification series is taking place September 29, 2018, from 7-10pm. 

On the line-up: Base Force One, Cri, La Peste, Lynx, Psychic Defence, Zombieflesheater.


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2017! - Shop Newsletter March


25 years ago this autumn/winter the first two 12"s on Praxis appeared: The Scaremonger EP (written by Christoph Fringeli) and Bourbonese Qualk's 'Kneejerk Reaction EP'. This was the beginning of an exciting journey through the countercultures associated with electronic dance music and raves as well as various aspects of experimental noise. Always trying to develop the sounds further, the label never stood still and never tried to cash in on current trends. This has been artistically rewarding, but also financially difficult, particularly in the last decade or so. 

Times have radically changed. In the early 90s it was possible to come out of nowhere as a 'Noface' and sell more or less the same amount of copies of a 12" as more well known acts. What counted was the suitability of the music for the mix, not the the name or career status. This enabled even quite radical outfits to thrive at the fringes of a wider movement. It also enabled a number of radical and experimental labels to somehow survive. In the early 2000s a shift occured, and a frightening number of labels and artists have been forced out of business or, frustrated by the lack of support, simply gave up.

We're still here.  There are manifold activities: A record label, a shop, events, a magazine - even expanding into book publishing: From the outside it may look like a successful operation. But we have no corporate or institutional funding, nor do we have any other kind of rich backer. This means that, in a capitalist world, the projects have to somehow finance themselves or each other. This has always been very difficult. In the past there were some moments and periods where, for example, the label was able to pay for the printing costs of the magazine, or when fundraising parties actually raised funds. But in recent years the situation has gotten tighter, the overall economic situation is rather precarious, and progress is slow.

We have many plans. There are a number of planned record releases on Praxis, starting with Bourbonese Qualk's Autonomia album, followed by the third volume of the Anonymous Series, a 12" rerelease of bothMaschinenbau 7"s (Eurostar and Total Destruction) by Nomex and Scud, a posthumous album by Nomex, new material by Prole Sector and Psychic Defence and lots more. On the printing front we're increasing the frequency of Datacide to twice yearly and we're preparing several book projects. We urgently need funds to realise these and other projects in the forseeable future!

Please support our activities by ordering from this store, by subscribing to datacide, by attending our events, by visiting our shop in Berlin! Thank you.

Praxis Records & Books, Lenbachstrasse 9, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain, near Ostkreuz.

email: / phone: +49 (0)30 2977 2260 / Tue-Sat 3-7pm



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Praxis Shop Newsletter End of 2016

2016 hasn't been the best year, so much most people we know agree... 

This is true politically and there will be the appropriate analysis in the upcoming issue of datacide (early 2017). But it is also true for the development of the Praxis label and shop. Not because things have gotten worse, but because they haven't gotten better. We were hoping to be able increase the number of new releases. We have a good ten concrete vinyl projects with sensational material - both old and new - but alas the funds that are necessary to realise these are lacking. So the process is slow: In 2016 we released one co-production with Low Res Records from Detroit, Adjust: Titan Remixes (LOW027), and one Praxis record proper, "Skin Craft" - RIND/NOL by Alex Buess and Daniel Buess (Praxis 55). The vinyl (re-)release of Praxis 5, the album Autonomia by Bourbonese Qualk - originally released on CD-only in 1993 - made it to the test pressing stage, but the actual release had to be moved to the new year. In the area of print productions a new issue of Datacide (15) and a new Almanac for Noise & Politics (2016)came out. The next issues of both periodicals as well as several book projects are in the works... 

A more detailed assessment of the year will be posted on our website in the next days.

In the meantime we solved a number of issues to do with the ordering process and postage calculation in our online shop:

Prices, Shipping and VAT - Lower Prices!!!

Some major changes/improvements to the way shipping and VAT is calculated in the Praxis online store.

  • VAT is now charged at the German rate of 7% (books) or 19% (records etc.) for customers inside the EU and is INCLUDED in the prices. Overall prices have NOT gone up for this reason and will in the future only be slightly and partially affected by the new situation.

  • This means that customers from outside the EU now have ex-VAT prices, which means all records just got 19% CHEAPER, all books 7%!

  • NEW BOOKS are now postage free within Germany!

  • The postage for combined orders of postage free items (e.g. issues of datacide) with regular items are now accurately calculated.

And while we're at it:

Support Datacide magazine with a subscription – only 12 euro for 3 issues including shipping to anywhere in the world. Only till 31-12-2016 (EUR 15 after)! - Check the banner towards the end of this newsletter.

And remember if you buy from this store you directly support the release of new exciting records and print productions. There's a lot we would like to realise in the next year - In this sense:

See you in 2017!


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This is even more the case now than a few years ago – many labels have started to only press extremely limited runs of records, many of which will undoubtedly become sought-after rarities in years to come.

Nevertheless, there is a common perception that most of these records will be easily obtainable for extended periods to come. This impression is aided by the fact that they are listed on different platforms, generating the illusion of an ubiquitous availability when the actual number of copies certain suppliers have in stock is low or even zero. Still, there has been a migration of customers away from the solid smaller stores (who actually support the labels and artists) and towards the big platforms and large stores. Not only that, in general the sales of left-field, unusual and radical electronic dance and experimental music have dwindled over the last decade, especially in the context we are active in.

The international network that allowed small labels’ releases to circulate relatively independently from media hypes and corporate control was cruelly decimated over the last decade, perhaps paradoxically also due to its relative professionalisation around the mid-2000s. switchrec (Peace Off), dswat (Death$ucker), digitalworldnet (Koolpop), Smash Berlin (Sprengstoff), Phuturerave, Possible Music, Subvert, Mad Dog and others, most recently Sound Base Music and Ad Noiseam either ceased operations completely or scaled them down massively, as did a number of record labels. Many ‘real’ record shops closed, many artists ‘retired’. This was only partially offset by the appearance of new labels and distros.

In the last few years there has been, at least statistically speaking, a stunning resurgence of vinyl production and sales. This is primarily true for the corporate market and can be exemplified with the reappearance of vinyl sections in major electronics markets in shopping malls. Even in the context of smaller labels, this trend seems to concern the releases of better known acts or classic re-releases. There may be a silver lining with more experimental techno releases, a resurgence of networks in the hardtek/tribe areas, a burgeoning cassette scene, and a realignment of marginalised countercultural currents.

The role our shop can play in this context is both to provide curated content and to serve as a node in a creative network, a connector and amplifier of exciting radical music, culture and critique. To serve these functions it needs your support!


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Free records if you order for more than EUR 20

We just more than doubled the number of 'Premium Items' - meaning records (and some CDs as well as one book) you can get for free if you shop for 20 euro or more from the Praxis online shop. You can choose your item at Checkout. One item per order, but if you order for more than 60 euro, we gladly throw in another one - just email us the title or catalogue number. Subject to availability.

Acid Samovar ACSA011 - V/A: Chaos Tea - 2x12"

Ad Noiseam ADN98 - Math Head: Stab City - 12"

DATACIDE Almanac for Noise & Politics 2015 - Book

Cockrockdisco Vrock 010 - DJ Donna Summer: Panther Tracks Vol.1 - 12"

Coven H 7 - H: The Sonic Brothers of Absolution - 2x12"

Czar004 - Treachery - CD

Darkmatter DM12003 - Poxxe - 12"

DHRCD12 - Atari Teenage Riot: Sick to Death - CD

ET80 - Explore Toi 80 - Firikome Team - 12"

ET81 - Explore Toi 81 - Base Mobile, Barouf - 12"

Girlcum 001 - Fanny: The Great American Fear Meter - 12"

HWF4 - The Thunderinas …in Blower! - 12"

HWF4CD - The Thunderinas - CD

Killbot 006 - Oxygenfad - 12"

Low Res 023 - Adjust: Release the Sharks - 12"

Noizetek 008 - Davros/Unibomber - 2x12"

Old Rope ROPEGC01 - Geoff da Chef - 12"

PFFSV06 - V/S: Drop Name Records Vol.2 - 2x12"

Praxis 26CD - Pure - 2xCD

Praxis 40CD - Hecate - CD

Rednex 002 - V/A: For Whom the Balls Toll - 12"

RXSTNZ 02 - Mutant Dancefloor EP - picture 12"

Seven Samurai 01 - Fobia - 12"

Seven Samurai 02 - V/A: Amalgam - 12"

Still Raven 003 - Base Force One: Expenditure of Excess Energy - 12"

Sub/Version 006 - Kovert: Jaffna - 12"

Sub/Version 014 - Amboss: Kompressorwahn - 12"

Unearthly 006 - DJ Controlled Weirdness: South London Bass - 12"

Widerstand 15 - Fanny - 2x12"

Zhark 7002 - Raquel de Grimstone: Depths of the Nile/Shapeshifters - 7"

Zhark 12013-7003 - Hecate: The Seven Veils of Silence - 12"+7"

Zhark 12018 - Bong-Ra: Vitus Blister - 12"

Zhark CD0005 - Richard for Cerebellum - CD



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Praxis presents: DETONAL @ KØPI 27.6.2016






















Coming up August 27, 2016 - another fundraiser for Datacide Magazine presented by Praxis at the Køpi in Berlin!

As always it's gonna be an amazing line-up and fat sound (and low cost)





XANOPTICON [Zhark/Hymen/Peace Off]


DIMENTIA [Void Tactical Media]


DJ DYBBUK [Hekate Sound System]


ELECTRIC KETTLE (Praxis/ Peace Off)


ASSIMILATION PROCESS (aka NOIZE CREATOR) [Suburban Trash Industries]


EL GUSANO ROJO [Hijos De Puta]


LYNX [Praxis Records]







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Praxis will start selling exclusively on our own online shop for a trial period of six months, suspending our presence on other platforms. Our aim is to improve presentation and service through our own shop where we can sell the whole range of records, books, CDs, magazines, merch, coffee, etc.

Not having to attend to the listing, communication, shipping, etc of the other platforms will free up time to improve the shop and to concentrate more on our own productions and releases.

Praxis is an independent underground record label and datacide is a printed ‘magazine for noise & politics’. Connected to these publishing activities we have built up a distribution and retail operation essentially to distribute and fund our productions. Our aim there was to be able to remain as independent as possible. We sought to develop networks with other like-minded labels and crews, trying to bypass the established distribution and media channels.

In the text “Critical Distribution” in Praxis Newsletter 23 from 2012, I explored various aspects of the developments of “underground” distribution networks and their relative decline, which was analysed as partly self-inflicted.

In the four years since the publication of this newsletter, there has been a certain resurgence in vinyl sales. However this seems to barely affect experimental electronic music, perhaps with the exception of some types of techno. The great beneficiaries of this trend have been major labels and mainstream artists, often in the form of re-releases in luxury gatefold sleeves and 180g vinyl, but also new releases by most current pop and rock stars. While this is a somewhat interesting development, it doesn’t contribute to any kind of counter-cultural direction.

A label like Praxis has not benefitted from this trend. Quite the contrary: vinyl pressing plants are tied up with lucrative deals with big labels. Most distributors and shops will no longer touch anything that exists in and explores areas between the established genres (including “experimental music”) and the small specialists who have done so are going out of business at an alarming rate.

In such an environment it had become more and more necessary to use any possible platform to retail an ever expanding range of titles. Maintaining our own website and physical store in Berlin, on top of our presence on amazon, booklooker, discogs, ebay, etc, has become ever more time-consuming with multi-platform listing and unlisting, keeping stocks up to date and corresponding with potential customers as well as the related social media activities – and finally shipping the orders. A situation has developed where these activities – which were meant to finance the label and publishing – have instead begun to paralyse it.

We are now taking a radical step and will suspend (nearly) all selling on platforms which are not our own for the coming six months. This will include amazon, discogs and ebay. This is an experiment which has a number of advantages and dangers.

We will be able to focus on the presentation of products and better service for orders in the Praxis online store and, crucially, will have more time to dedicate to the label, the magazine and forthcoming books.

The danger is that the economic situation will get worse in the short or mid term. Indeed if after six months the overall situation hasn’t improved, we may be forced to re-activate the sales accounts which we are now putting on hold. This would be regrettable because I, for one, think my time is better spent as a writer, musician and publisher.

The new issue of datacide is very close to publication and several records and books are in the pipeline, others ready for release. We’re excited to focus on these essentials!

Christoph Fringeli


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Recent releases from Praxis & Datacide

We have neglected this Blog a bit over the last year or so, so here is an update about some of our activities in the last months:

Praxis has released the debut CD album by Noirodyn titled Construct Deconstruct in the final months of 2015, a 16-track excursion into noisy breaks and intensifying soundscapes and beats by the artist who previously released a number of 12"s under the name Vile Enginez (on Sub/Version and Zhark International).















Also hot off the press are two new books from Datacide. 

The first, titled EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS is a complete collection of the first 10 issues of the magazine. A unique document of electronic underground music and culture, literature and critique!


And we also published a small pocket book which will be the first in a series: Almanac for Noise & Politics 2015

CLICK on the BOLD titles to get to the product pages of the three releases where you find more information!


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Postal Strike Ended

The strike is finished now, but there may be some delays of packages as a consequence in the coming days.

POSTAL STRIKE IN GERMANY: Since June 8 the postal services are partially on strike. Initially this has only affected deliveries inside Germany. For this reason it has previously not affected deliveries of orders from this shop with the exception of single book or cd orders, since we are shipping records inside Germany with a different company.

Since June 24 the strike has been extended to international sorting centres which means that delays with orders shipped with the post are possible to happen.

Currently this can affect:

- small deliveries of CD's or books within Germany. Record orders and larger orders in general are not affected.

- European orders for up to 1kg = about 4 records or equivalent. larger orders should not be affected.

- any orders from outside of Europe.

This should only cause delays of a few days, if at all, but in case you were wondering why your order is taking longer than usual, this is likely to be the reason.

WE SUPPRT THE STRIKE as the postal company is trying to outsource various services to extremely badly paying companies, putting pressure on the workforce and their already low wages.

We kindly ask our customers for a few days more patience in the delivery time of their orders.


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Blaerg Live In-store!

Wednesday June 17, 2015 - Blaerg live in-store ! 

The event will be strictly 7-10pm!


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Bombardier live @ Praxis Shop 4-6-2015

In-store live appearance by Bombardier at the Praxis Records Yaya23 records Store! Plus more DJs tba.
This will be strictly from 19-22h!
Invite your good friends!


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We received an excellent collection of 250+ titles of mostly speedcore, plus some hardcore/breakcore/noise. Many full label catalogues! Rarities and "normal" releases alike - almost all in VG+ or better condition, many look like new!As it will take some time to go through them and list them all in our online shop (and Discogs) I recommend you move your ass to the shop in Berlin where you can browse the boxes. I'm prepared to sell the records 20-30% cheaper than they will be once I processed them.If you're not in Berlin, feel free to send a Wantlist, and I'll see what's in stock and I'm sure we can make a deal!


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