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Praxis is a label dedicated to experimental hardcore, electronic weirdness and "breakcore" since 1992. This is our shop. It's the direct source for our productions both for mail order and distribution, as well as offering a comprehensive selection of breakcore, speedcore and many other types of experimental electronic music. 

We also offer a high quality selection of drum'n'bass, dubstep, hardcore, acid and hardtek.

Over the last months and years we considerably extended the book store within our shop, with many new titles in English and German, as well as second hand books mainly in German.

Starting in 2016 we now also sell coffee which is 100% fair trade, actively supporting radical production cooperatives in Chiapas (Mexico), Honduras and Costa Rica.

At the end of March 2016 we suspended selling on most other platforms, such as Discogs, Ebay and Amazon for a trial period of six months in order to focus on this shop and improve presentation and service. 

An exception are music downloads which we continue selling on our BANDCAMP.

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Hot off the press: Datacide Fifteen!

Low Res Records return to the vinyl front with their number LOW027 - Adjust: Titan Remixes

Feat: Meander, Detroit Gore Police, Tarmvred, plus the original by Adjust!


A new full length CD album by Noirodyn, aka Vile Enginez.

Fernando Narvàez Perez has so far mainly made his mark under his Vile Enginez monicker with a debut on Zhark International from 2004 and several releases on the Praxis sublabel Sub/Version, both on vinyl and digital. The project mutated into Noirodyn with a first digital-only release for Praxis in 2013 titled Infradesigns. Immediately it was evident that Fernando was applying his production skills to a more varied sound but regularly returning to slamming beats and far-out noise constructions making Noirodyn the logical continuation and development of Vile Enginez.

Construct Deconstruct contains 16 new tracks ranging from slower grooves to hectic intensifications arranged into a continuous mix, showing his creative energies at a peak.

Coverart by Sansculotte.



a decade of noise & politics – datacide issues 1-10

A major project in the works for quite some time, this is a complete reprint of the issues 1-10 of datacide, which originally appeared from 1997-2008. Titled “EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS”, the 364 page volume collects unique material, most of which has been out of print for many years, charting a one-of-a-kind history of the counter-cultures associated with electronic music and free festivals.

The free space of the party met the free space of the page and then you got a dynamism that encouraged expression and perversions and tangents because the covers held it together as a nomadic movement and you were convinced that music had catalysed it all and that music was somehow inherently political as it sidestepped rhetoric and dogma, and absented us from control addicts and the free space of the page was a kind of historic party, a kind of invisible college, a launching pad for driftage.” Flint Michigan


Almanac for Noise & Politics 2015

If you’re already familiar with datacide magazine and our related record label for extreme electronic music - Praxis - then you’re familiar with the efforts we’ve made over the last two decades to continually explore the intersections of radical politics and underground rave culture, experimental and extreme electronic music, moments of free spaces and momentary freak-outs and how these can be represented on the page and through the speakers. If not, this may be a good place to start.  Either way, the Almanac for noise & politics 2015 contains a selection of articles and excerpts from various issues of datacide, as well as a peek into the activities of the Praxis label and its offshoots. This first edition is meant to be a brief introduction to the wide range of topics covered in datacide.

Articles include: Post-Media Operators by Howard Slater/Eddie Miller/Flint Michigan, No Stars here (track -1) by TechNET, A Loop Da Loop Era – Towards an (Anti-)history of Rave by Neil Transpontine, Radical Intersections by Christoph Fringeli, Vinyl Meltdown by Alexis Wolton, Plague in this Town by Matthew Hyland, Just Say Non – Nazism, Narcissism and Boyd Rice by whomakesthenazis.com, Interview with Christoph Fringeli/Praxis Records from Objection to Procedure, a new short story by Dan Hekate, as well as a commented catalogue. This is interspersed by new visual work by Matthieu Bourel, Lynx, Sansculotte, Tóng Zhi, and Zombieflesheater!

Full colour cover and 104 inside pages in A6 format!

Order this title and receive a voucher for 5 euro redeemable towards your next order in the praxis online shop, OR get this title for free if ordering for at least 20 euro (in this case add it at checkout!).


praxis has a new web address:


and this shop as well:


please update your bookmarks and links, the old address will soon be obsolete!


These are our most recent productions:



Praxis will start selling exclusively on our own online shop for a trial period of six months, suspending our presence on other platforms. Our aim is to improve presentation and service through our own shop where we can sell the whole range of records, books, CDs, magazines, merch, coffee, etc.

Not having to attend to the listing, communication, shipping, etc of the other platforms will free up time to improve the shop and to concentrate more on our own productions and releases.

Praxis is an independent underground record label and datacide is a printed ‘magazine for noise & politics’. Connected to these publishing activities we have built up a distribution and retail operation essentially to distribute and fund our productions. Our aim there was to be able to remain as independent as possible. We sought to develop networks with other like-minded labels and crews, trying to bypass the established distribution and media channels.

In the text “Critical Distribution” in Praxis Newsletter 23 from 2012, I explored various aspects of the developments of “underground” distribution networks and their relative decline, which was analysed as partly self-inflicted.

In the four years since the publication of this newsletter, there has been a certain resurgence in vinyl sales. However this seems to barely affect experimental electronic music, perhaps with the exception of some types of techno. The great beneficiaries of this trend have been major labels and mainstream artists, often in the form of re-releases in luxury gatefold sleeves and 180g vinyl, but also new releases by most current pop and rock stars. While this is a somewhat interesting development, it doesn’t contribute to any kind of counter-cultural direction.

A label like Praxis has not benefitted from this trend. Quite the contrary: vinyl pressing plants are tied up with lucrative deals with big labels. Most distributors and shops will no longer touch anything that exists in and explores areas between the established genres (including “experimental music”) and the small specialists who have done so are going out of business at an alarming rate.

In such an environment it had become more and more necessary to use any possible platform to retail an ever expanding range of titles. Maintaining our own website and physical store in Berlin, on top of our presence on amazon, booklooker, discogs, ebay, etc, has become ever more time-consuming with multi-platform listing and unlisting, keeping stocks up to date and corresponding with potential customers as well as the related social media activities – and finally shipping the orders. A situation has developed where these activities – which were meant to finance the label and publishing – have instead begun to paralyse it.

We are now taking a radical step and will suspend (nearly) all selling on platforms which are not our own for the coming six months. This will include amazon, discogs and ebay. This is an experiment which has a number of advantages and dangers.

We will be able to focus on the presentation of products and better service for orders in the Praxis online store and, crucially, will have more time to dedicate to the label, the magazine and forthcoming books.

The danger is that the economic situation will get worse in the short or mid term. Indeed if after six months the overall situation hasn’t improved, we may be forced to re-activate the sales accounts which we are now putting on hold. This would be regrettable because I, for one, think my time is better spent as a writer, musician and publisher.

The new issue of datacide is very close to publication and several records and books are in the pipeline, others ready for release. We’re excited to focus on these essentials!

Christoph Fringeli


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Recent releases from Praxis & Datacide

We have neglected this Blog a bit over the last year or so, so here is an update about some of our activities in the last months:

Praxis has released the debut CD album by Noirodyn titled Construct Deconstruct in the final months of 2015, a 16-track excursion into noisy breaks and intensifying soundscapes and beats by the artist who previously released a number of 12"s under the name Vile Enginez (on Sub/Version and Zhark International).















Also hot off the press are two new books from Datacide. 

The first, titled EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS is a complete collection of the first 10 issues of the magazine. A unique document of electronic underground music and culture, literature and critique!


And we also published a small pocket book which will be the first in a series: Almanac for Noise & Politics 2015

CLICK on the BOLD titles to get to the product pages of the three releases where you find more information!


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Postal Strike Ended

The strike is finished now, but there may be some delays of packages as a consequence in the coming days.

POSTAL STRIKE IN GERMANY: Since June 8 the postal services are partially on strike. Initially this has only affected deliveries inside Germany. For this reason it has previously not affected deliveries of orders from this shop with the exception of single book or cd orders, since we are shipping records inside Germany with a different company.

Since June 24 the strike has been extended to international sorting centres which means that delays with orders shipped with the post are possible to happen.

Currently this can affect:

- small deliveries of CD's or books within Germany. Record orders and larger orders in general are not affected.

- European orders for up to 1kg = about 4 records or equivalent. larger orders should not be affected.

- any orders from outside of Europe.

This should only cause delays of a few days, if at all, but in case you were wondering why your order is taking longer than usual, this is likely to be the reason.

WE SUPPRT THE STRIKE as the postal company is trying to outsource various services to extremely badly paying companies, putting pressure on the workforce and their already low wages.

We kindly ask our customers for a few days more patience in the delivery time of their orders.


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