Feedback from “The End is Nigh”: The End Is The Beginning…

Huge thanks to everybody who made THE END IS NIGH at Køpi such a great event! Artists, helpers, audience!

To quote Cinder (Bambule):

“Praxis’ The End Is Nigh party in Berlin last weekend was spectacular.A truly great night ultimately sealed by a brilliant PROLE SECTOR set featuring top tunes by Mumdance, Logos, Pinch & Rabit.Everybody was in shining form though, so massive respect to Christoph, Linzee Lynx, Fabrizio (Fire At Work), Dan Hekate, Alexis (Kovert) & Mario (Zombieflesheater.) The visuals by Sansculotte were as wonderful as ever.Massive thanks to loads of other people i met, and for their incredible warmth & creativity, it was my best visit to Berlin by far… many thanks : Sandra & Uli – very special people, loved our conversations, even or especially our disagreements.i’m looking forward to the fruits of our collaboration ; to Jan (building the soundsystem as we ate ice cream at the Praxis shop, deeply impressive) ; Suzanne (what a trooper, worked like a demon, big respect) ; Luke Hekate took me a bit by surprise, had only met Luke a few times at parties but hanging with him here was super good, looking forward to further adventures ; Saskia (for allowing me to stay in her flat AND for giving up her time to help the refugees in Berlin) ; Franzi (you really should make the move to Berlin, you can only grow from it) ; Paula (want to hear you play next time) ; Cedrik, it was so nice to meet up twice, always a pleasure ; the Billy Bibitts, so chuffed you came but wine next time though, eh ; and last but not least Polly & Felix, happy we got to hang out on the last night.hope you had a safe flight home… All in all it was a fantastic week in Berlin and an absolute honour to play for Praxis at Köpi… cheers Christoph much love.”


and Prole Sector was inspired enough to start a new blog:

“Ten years ago I hung up my headphones, sold my decks, sold all my vinyl and headed off into the sunset. That was then, but this is now and definitely no need to wax lyrical about the past here.

Last weekend I played out (properly) for the first time since, in Berlin @ The End is Nighparty at der Kopi; great soundsystem, proper low end, no stars, proper locked-in, open-minded crowd, dancing. Positive vibrations and a lot to find inspiration from; not least from how the tunes I played out sounded (I’d only ever listened to most of them on my headphones before so….huge pleasure, sonic surprises). Where the cruddy distortion and soulless speed of Breakcore killed it for me the science of quaking bass technique, slower tempo and – SPACE – has surely taken over.

I’ll be posting info and comments on tunes (and also other mediums) I’m feeling here from now on. There’s a lot of quality hybrid productions coming out that have regalvanised my enthusiasm for dark underground club music. Especially in the slower 128-140bpm fields and beyond the dubstep/brostep formulas too. If that’s your bag then drop by occasionally, leave a comment or reply and share some of your own thoughts.”



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